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Powells Books: White People are so Over

White People are so Over :Powell’s Books Oregon . White people are so “Over”. Powell’s Books of Oregon joins the Media Invasion of Non-Whites . Update: Powell’s Employee writes: “You dumb fucking moron. i work at powells. “ end quote. … Continue reading

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Black American African Shoppers stomp Walmart employee to death watch the video on the link   apparently the colored folks took the door off the hinges and knocked the dead man down and ran over him again and again  at 5:00 am and even after they were told to leave said … Continue reading

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Senator Harry Reid says Amnesty will pass next spring no Problemo

harry reid laughing at us – arise americans we are under attack for those of you who think Obama meant change for Americans , I think this is what he meant: to Give Amnesty to His Aunt and 38 million … Continue reading

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Mexicans African Roots – denied due to Mexican Racism

Mexicans African Roots – denied due to Mexican Racism over and over again I see Mexican Males  – illegal aliens , who dont just look Indian and european. With Smashed noses and dark skin and Asian eyes, they look African … Continue reading

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Somalian Males leave US to join holy war? gates of vienna

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Two Mexican Illegals Stab American Woman in Neck In Multnomah County

American Woman Stabbed by two Illegal alien (mexican?) Hispanic Males in Portland remember Portland Police don’t check for immigration status and the media suppresses the information. But they do arrest senior citizens peacefully protesting Potter’s Illegal day labor site. Call … Continue reading

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Illegal alien Mexican Male hit and run killer flees to Ca leaves : Rosales Murders McDaniel to die

Illegal alien Mexican Male hit and run killer flees to Ca leaves  : Rosales Murders McDaniel to die .Kimberly McDaniel’s uncle, Richard Schott Jr.; her mother, Janet Tremain; and stepfather, Allen Tremain, listen as McDaniel’s sister addresses the court during today’s sentencing … Continue reading

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Traitor H. Reid States Obama & McCain have Reached Amnesty agreement  Reid says there wont be much of a  fight because of course , citizens are just here to pay the bills ,not to be represented by the Worst Congress in US history.  so Obama bots are you getting that … Continue reading

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Somalia Pirates to Acquire Citibank

SOMALI PIRATES TO ACQUIRE CITIBANK   DJIBOUTI – The Somali pirates, renegade Somalis known for hijacking ships for ransom in the Gulf of Aden, are negotiating a purchase of Citigroup. The pirates would buy Citigroup with new debt and their … Continue reading

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Latino Imports of Beaverton Needs an ICE raid

Update Part 2- Latino Imports full of illegals wiring $ Beaverton Oregon Latino Mart is next door to the Police station. The entire area is taken over by illegals from Mexico. Note the picture I took of the window to … Continue reading

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