Stafford Masie of Google's South African Sucks: Black man Yanks South africa sucks?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dude, where’s my favorite Racist blog? South Africa Sucks Returns

stolen from latte island:

Andrea Harris: “When they came for the dogs, I said nothing, because I owned two cats…”

I now understand why so many Google blogs are boring. Thing is blogs in English are more apt to be tracked and yanked by Google because the staff speaks english and not the dozens of other languages blogs are in. Once again punishment for being of the West and largely White.
South Africa Sucks has left Google and moved to

again Google of the South Africa Branch , banned the site that tells the truth about Black Rule in South Africa. Within hours of getting a new blog they were banned yet again

This blog is in violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service and is open to authors only
If you are an author of this blog, tell us who you are! Sign in using your Account.

you would think the South African Branch of Google would just give it up and let them tell their truth.

Google do you really want to be the Bad Guy?


South Africa Sucks shut down by Black Stafford Masie?

Did Stafford Masie, Google’s appointment to the New South Africa Office, shut down South Africa Sucks Blog?
Staffford Masie is a black man , who would easily cave and can a blog under his jurisdication.

Google appoints Stafford Masie to head Google office in South Africa
July 2007
Google has hired Stafford Masie to establish and lead Google’s business development in South Africa.In this newly created role, Masie will be responsible for building Google’s advertising and applications business in South Africa, as well as expanding the company’s strategic partnerships in the region. Google wants to help ensure that South Africans have greater to access information and that businesses are able to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Internet.Masie comes to Google from Novell where he has been South Africa’s country manager for the past four years. His appointment – along with the opening of an Egyptian office and the hiring of a site lead, Joe Mucheru in Kenya –
is a reflection of Google’s growing commitment to Africa.


Google shut down Anti-Obama Sites : Censorship!

from South africa sucks RIP



South Africa Sucks Blog yanked by Google twice in 6 months

This blog is in violation of Blogger’s Terms of Service and is open to authors only

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

The head of the South Africa Sucks Blog, Uhuru Guru, had his identity revealed by White traitors, receives death threats daily, recently had his dog poisoned and house attacked and after several years of running the blog may leave. Few would have the courage to continue exposing the endless violence and discrimination against South African Whites and the breakdown of the country if under the constant threats and stress he and his family have faced.Here is his account of recent happenings to the blog and to him.To read the article – (Welcoming our new bloggers) -with important comments From the article:
We at SAS are, in spite of our detractor’s malediction, not knuckle-dragging, Zieg Heiling white trash. Our readership consists overwhelmingly of decent, intelligent and highly educated White men and women disillusioned by the shocking disintegration of our once lovely country. Very few of us have held the beliefs and positions we occupy today, five or ten years ago. Most of us are decent, law-abiding people who have been driven through circumstances and horrifying new realisations to re-analyse our belief systems and revise them accordingly.Many of us have lost dear friends, colleagues, family members in the most unimaginably cruel and callous crimes, or have been victims of rampant black criminality through no fault of our own, save for the crime of wearing a White skin. Most of us have reached the point where no amount of wishful thinking or wanton self-delusion can deny that we are being victimised exclusively because of our race. South Africa of 2008 has become the focal point of a ruthless race war being waged on our heritage, our culture, our morality and our very existence. Since 1994 and prior to that, we have bent over backwards to appease this racist anti-White monster.Having come to the realisation that nothing but our utter demise will satisfy these insatiable demands for our ethnic extinction, those amongst us with backbone and integrity have straightened up and are starting to fight back. Emboldened by new-found pride in the magnificent achievements of our creed, we are making a stand. It might be our Last Stand, but most people realise it it better to die fighting, than to live on our knees like eternal slaves.Since the inception of this blog, it has continually been the message for Whites to regroup in predominantly White, First World countries. We have never incited anyone to violence against any other racial groups, nor have we in any way attempted to foment hatred against other races.SA Sucks have brought you uncensored news and have focused on exposing the mind-numbing cruelty and savagery Whites are exposed to on a daily basis. If lifting the veil on a race war is a racist act in itself, then we have to plead Mea Culpa. We moderate comments on this blog, and the greatest irony is that the vast majority of comments which are rejected are those who incite violence, murder and criminality. We have comments describing in minute detail how to manufacture explosives, concoct poisonous chemicals to be put into water supplies and the like. While I fully understand and even sympathise with some people harbouring extremist sentiment, I cannot allow such comments to appear here.If reading about how black men cut off the fingers of an old, defenceless woman with pruning scissors, or rape 6 month old babies so badly that their entrails hang out of their anuses, or torture White women, children and old men with boiling water, dripping burning plastic on their tender skins or burning them with hot clothes irons for hours on end before eventually murdering them makes you realise what we are dealing with, and this in turn evinces a dislike in our tormentors, your reaction is perfectly normal and reasonable and you have NOTHING to feel ashamed of. The only ones who should feel any shame are these sub-human beasts, who by no accident or fluke are 99.9 percent black and by implication seem incapable of feeling shame, guilt or any sense of culpability.Even more shameful are the white people who fall over their feet to diminish, camouflage, excuse or justify this savage behaviour. People like Rooster, Catto and their ilk who make it their mission to tell Whites they and their precious children deserve to be cruelly tortured, raped and murdered.


Does Michelle Obama Know where Africa Is?Blackie Jackie

Apparently not, because instead of playing Jackie Kennedy with her clothes , she would be deporting Obama’s Auntie right now.

It’s amazing how people who have Ivy League educations can overlook important things; like following Federal Laws.

I am posting this because, once again, the Media is reporting The Obama Clan Lies as truth.
Blackie Jackie is getting free clothes and lying about how much they cost, telling everyone she orders on-line.

The Media is burying the Obama Auntie who ignored deportation orders and fawning all over Blackie Jackie.

Forget about all those who have lost their jobs and can’t afford the heating bill.

following one of the nicer remarks from Topix :

She eats quite well on the campaign trail. At theWaldorf Astoria she was caught spending $400 for caviar, lobster, and champagne. Do all Democrats eat like that?$400 for one lunch. And she charged it all to the Democratic National Committee. Given that little fling, do you think the Democrats can shut up about Palin’s clothes?




Obama Removes Immigration Plan from his Website


Go to and sign petition to stop amnesty

Rush Limbaugh explored Obama’s website and Obama’s IMMIGRATION PLAN. Since Obama’s Immigration Plan was reported upon – OBAMA HAS REMOVED THE IMMIGRATION PLAN FROM HIS WEBSITE. However, even though Obama removed his Immigration Plan from his website – you can still view Obama’s Immigration Plan on Limbaugh’s website, read it below.

Still more priorities from the President-Select’s

Plan for Immigration The Problem Undocumented population is exploding: The number of undocumented immigrants in the country has increased more than 40 percent since 2000. Every year, more than a half-million people come illegally or illegally overstay their visas. Immigration bureaucracy is broken: The immigration bureaucracy is broken and overwhelmed, forcing legal immigrants to wait years for applications. Immigration raids are ineffective: Despite a sevenfold increase in recent years, immigration raids only netted 3,600 arrests in 2006 and have placed all the burdens of a broken system onto immigrant families. Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Plan Create Secure Borders Obama and Biden want to preserve the integrity of our borders. They support additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry. Improve Our Immigration System Obama and Biden believe we must fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill. Remove Incentives to Enter Illegally Obama and Biden will remove incentives to enter the country illegally by cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. Bring People Out of the Shadows Obama and Biden support a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens. Work with Mexico Obama and Biden believe we need to do more to promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal immigration. Of course this was probably going to happen either way. Still, there it is in black and white

Today let’s start with the NumbersUSA petition.Obama Guaranteed He’d Support U.S. Workers!Urge Him To Keep Illegal Aliens Out Of U.S. Jobs

Monday, November 10, 2008


My Best Friends are Bi_Racial : Like Obama

the above web site is a satire on how white people make fools of themselves trying not to be racist and trying to be really cool and have black friends. White People are the only group that works really hard on not being racist. All other groups are racist and are fine with it.


That websites a joke right? If not I have to say I’m sort of appalled and EMBARRASSED by what I’m reading here. You make a WEBSITE dedicated to the fact that you happen to have black friends? Let me ask you this, if you think that having black friends is novelty enough that you’d make a corny poorly designed website dedicated to it…. you’re singling out black people as somehow being different enough that it’s strange for whites to befriend them. That as far as I’m concerned is a form of racism. By the way, the pictures that you’ve plastered all over your site are ridiculous. Unless this is in fact a joke site, I feel that you’ve basically eliminated all your credibility.–Arkera ~ Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet ~


Kenyan Hospital Has Boom in Babies Named after Obama

what ? no babies named after George his brother or his illegal Auntie?


Kenya hospital reports Obama name boom
KISUMU, Kenya, Nov. 10 (UPI) — A Kisumu, Kenya, hospital said it has experienced a boom of babies named for the family of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama.
The Nyanza Provincial Hospital said 43 babies were named for members of the Obama family between the Democrat’s election victory and late afternoon Saturday, The New York Times reported Monday.
The hospital said 23 boys were given the first and middle name combination of Barack Obama while 20 girls were named for his wife,
Michelle Obama.
New mother Pamela Odhiambo said she gave birth during Obama’s victory speech and named her new daughter Michelle Obama.
“It’s a new start, a new beginning,” Odhiambo said.


Car License Plate of Mexi-trash From Arizona

arizona mexi-trash car plate

Never, ever, live where Mexicans are in charge, whether they are here legally or not. They break the law at will and have a vendetta for Non-Mexicans.

Here is the car license plate of the mexi-trash from Arizona. They moved after Arizona tightened their laws against illegals. There are a lot of Arizona Plates in Oregon.

Typical Mexican Place, Momma speaks spanish. Anchor babies are gangster with tattoos and chains and mexican flags. Property manager is a first generation Nasty Mexican Female .

If you click on the link you will be able to read the story and read the part in Red.

They harassed me because of my no amnesty sign.

They used their apartment as a crash pad for other Mexicans from out of state, sometimes 20 to a two bedroom apt.The mexican Manager catered to them, while doing nasty illegal evictions of white Americans.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Black Obama Mob Chants as White Male is arrested in Philly for McCain T-shirt

google Bubbasluva and it will take you to a site on with lots of videos

Neocon Express: Arrested for Wearing a McCain Palin T-shirt Neocon Express

watch the video – The Largely Black Mob holds OBAMA signs and along with booing, chant Obama OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It’s like the ” lord of the flies” and the white guy is Piggie.The Police are afraid of the black mob and arrest the white guy just to keep the peace. They also start to beat him up until another cop says stop because it’s being photographed.

That’s scary. You can see them circling him and the cops with their thumbs down.
so This is Obama’s Change.

If that wasn’t enough change in less than a week since the victory of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan has openly named Obama the “New Beginning”. “President-elect Obama has energized all segments of the depressed, downtrodden, rejected and despised,” he said in a 90-minute speech at Mosque Maryam on Chicago’s infamous south side. “Now it is up to us to take the new energy that he has given us and channel that energy into making ourselves better,”

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Stafford Masie: Photos of Google South Africa Presentation
Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Melt du Plooy on April 4, 2008
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During the presentation by Stafford Masie, longtail had the chance to take some pictures of the event and luckily the power outage that seemed to be determined to stop Stafford from presenting, did not succeed – all thanks to the JSE’s backup power.
So, from a more darker than usual room, Petre managed to get some good snapshots.

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