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It's Official: Great Depression Is Back: now about those Illegal aliens Obama

Great Depression is Back: now about those illegal aliens Obama? so how about it Obama? what are you going  to do about the 38 million illegals , including your Aunt who expect the US to provide for them? Free canoe rides home? Because it could get … Continue reading

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Black Obama Campaign Workers Furious

Obama’s Black Ghetto Campaign workers Angry over unpaid wages Obama’s Black Ghetto campaign workers angry over unpaid wages Mr. Change is too busy picking Recycled White Males for his cabinet to help his people. Black , poor and close to … Continue reading

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Obama's Auntie Onyango Now Fighting Deportation

Obama’s Auntie Onyango Now fighting Deportation Obama’s Auntie Onyango Now Fighting Deportation (update: auntie is saying she has been sick since she was outed. Thats nice, when Obama won, I was violently ill. Get over it in Kenya, Ugly black … Continue reading

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Mexicans attack Police in Gresham Oregon Riots

Thursday, October 23, 2008 Riots in Gresham Oregon as Drunk Illegal Mexicans attack Police  Mexican Cop who raped a young girl in Silverton Oregon http://www.iir.com/nygc/summaries.cfm?State=OR&dir=1&m=08&y=2006 Gresham has become the Oakland ,California of Oregon and the Gang members have taken over, … Continue reading

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Numbersusa.com: Obama Supports Amnesty for 38 million illegals and his Kenyan Clan

  please donate to Numbersusa.com  disgusting as it might seem we have to work with the Scum called our elected Representatives   President-elect Barak Obama said he plans to address our growing immigration anxieties within his first 100 days in … Continue reading

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Did Obama Buy The Election?

Did Obama Buy Office with Foreign Money? http://www.judicialwatch.org/weeklyupdate/2008/44-obama-violate-law-election-day#anchor2 http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/10/are_foreign_donations_powering.html Labels: Did Obama Buy election w/ foreign Money? 0 comments:

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