Obama's Auntie Onyango Now Fighting Deportation

Obama’s Auntie Onyango Now fighting Deportation

Obama’s Auntie Onyango Now Fighting Deportation
(update: auntie is saying she has been sick since she was outed. Thats nice, when Obama won, I was violently ill. Get over it in Kenya, Ugly black bitch)
so typical of Immigrants and illegal aliens these days. Listen, you black African bitch, a Judge said “GO”, so go. Now More taxpayer monies are wasted on a Kenyan Black bitch.This will set a horrible precedent, if she is allowed to stay, all other visa over-stays numbering about 10 million plus about 28 illegal aliens can use the same tactics. Obama you are being Watched, just because the media ignored Immigration during the campaign, doesn’t mean Americans were asleep.

Obama’s aunt to fight to stay in US

Nov 7 03:02 PM US/EasternBy DENISE LAVOIEAssociated Press Writer

Obama’s aunt to fight to stay in US
BOSTON (AP) – An immigration lawyer for President-elect Obama’s aunt says she wants to fight a deportation order and stay in the United States.
The Associated Press found that Zeituni Onyango (zay-TUHN on-YANG-oh) is staying with relatives in Cleveland after fleeing her public housing apartment in Boston. She had been living there for five years.
Onyango, who is Obama’s father’s half-sister, was ordered to leave the country in 2004 by an immigration judge who rejected her request for asylum from her native Kenya.
Cleveland attorney Margaret Wong told the AP on Friday she is exploring legal options and may file a motion to re-open Onyango’s case. She said Onyango is upset because she believes someone leaked information about her
immigration status to try to hurt Obama’s candidacy
( many Americans were upset to hear she had section 8 housing and a job , illegally and at our expense. Watch Obama Ignore this)
Obama is going to give 20 million illegals amanesty so of course he will let her stay..shoot he will probaly use her as an example of why he thinks we need amnesty..this whole thing stinks..a socialist president is what we got…hope you obama bots are proud..your about to lose your country
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