Big Money In Mowing Lawns for Illegal Mexicans In Oregon

Big Money In Mowing Lawns for Illegal Mexicans In Oregon

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Illegal Mexicans Making $300.00 per House per month Landscaping in Portland

The Traitors who own Lubliners are a local couple and are in the phone book , in the white pages. They have a vanity plate that says LAWN 4 and hire all mexicans illegal crews.
Currently offline. Lubliners Landscaping Incorporated
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6325 SW Luradel St.Portland, OR 97219503-244-7526

Lubliners Landscaping Incorporated
6325 SW Luradel St.Portland, OR, 97219
work 503-244-7526
45.450623 -122.742002
later I was in front of Lubliners( shown above) truck and the mexicans, all three of them gave me a look of livid hate for having taken their picture. I got the hell out of there.
Nice all spanish speaking- The owner a white man threatened me with violence over the phone.H K and T landscaping.

A woman in the West Hills told me she was paying $300.oo a month for a full-service yard upkeep.Her yard was modest in size but perfect. If you see a perfect yard ,illegal aliens are doing the yardwork. There may be one or two exceptions but it’s like finding pearls in an oyster.

There are two ways Mexican Illegals work in Landscaping:
One is a company like Lubliners or Tru-Green or Tuefel or Monaghans etc who have white Americans in charge and who pay taxes yet hire all illegal crews.
Then there are the Mexicans who have started their own businesses; some just have a truck, some have a name on the side of the truck. They also hire only Mexican Illegals.

The Mexicans don’t pay taxes and they don’t have to be legal to get a business license.
So they are getting paid about $75.00 for a top line job once a week. They can easily make $600.00 a day , six days a week. That’s a lot of money to send back to Mexico and why they drive nice cars.
Landscaping is not a cheap business. The Nursery industry has been lobbying in Oregon to bring in more Mexicans on a work visa,so they can have reap even more money. Americans used to do landscaping. It used to be the job for college students during the summer months.
Just let the yard go. Let the Mexicans self deport themselves



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