World's Fattest Mexican Male Blames United States of America

 I wrote this on Sunday and then South Africa Sucks was banned  and the next day I was banned too from GOOGLE, so yes it’s silly but I am posting it anyway.

Rant: world’s Fattest Mexican Blames United States of America

 This is my blog and I will rant if I want to .
Last night, after watching ” The Woman with Giant Legs” I sat through The Fattest Man in the World who happens to be a Mexican.
I just want to make a few points: The Problem with this Fat Mexican is he is not too bright and his world view is classically Mexican.
His fat Mexican Mother is a true enabler of the worst kind.
First off , he went to the United States illegally in 1987 and worked illegally.

He states that it was the US that made him fat.

It was ,of course, the US that made him gain three hundred pounds: Cars, sedentary work, fast food.
It wasn’t his fault or his mothers.Nope those damn Gringos will do it to you every time.
So he comes home , so fat he cannot walk due to huge growths of flesh and fluid on his legs, and with His fat mexican mother’s help gains another 500 lbs. Like I said he isn’t very bright.He gets upset that his wife leaves him when he hits 1,000 lbs.
Then he asks God for help, even as his mother serves him five tacos with sour cream for lunch.
the dots are never connected.
This is the Mexican World View. First, it is the Gringo’s fault and then God is supposed to sign on the save me deal.
Hispanics are the fattest group in the US. There is something wrong with Mexican Food.


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3 Responses to World's Fattest Mexican Male Blames United States of America

  1. unknown says:

    I totally agree,He wants to blame america for his weight gain. We did not force him to eat fast food he shoved it down his own throat. He has prob. never exercised a day in his life He sits on his couch and eats tacos bon bons twinkes and god knows what else all day. Being a fitness model and trainer It makes me sick to think that quite frankly he just dosen’t care. I mean how could you eat that much food a day. With his daily calories intake I could survive the rest of my life with just one of his meals, not saying I would eat them. I would never want my body to look like that….

    • lier says:
      fitness modelhahahahaha your probably just as f and overwieght you know u dont alwayse have to lie about yourself someepeople love u for the way u are u fat cow

      • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

        yet another example of why abortion should be cheap free and easy to get. the poster above belongs to the Idiot Text Messaging generation , most of whom would be better off as catfood , since the average cat is far more intelligent and worthwhile.

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