Art causes Crime: Mexican gangs and illegal mexicans don't in Gresham Oregon


                   Above is an art installation created several years ago at a bus stop in Gresham Oregon. The mayor said in the last month that it is causing crime in Gresham and needs to be removed.

 This is truly hilarious. Gresham’s slumlords who rent to mexican Gang members cause crime. Mexicans cause crime. Mayor Tom Potter causes crime. Artists do not cause crime.

Mayor congratulates Gresham

Posted by The Oregonian February 20, 2008 18:09PM

Categories: Breaking News

(Editor’s note: To read Mayor Bemis’ state of the city address, click here.)

In his first State of the City address, Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis congratulated his city for taking on crime and slumlords during his first year in office, and challenged the community to reach for new economic development, recreational and cultural opportunities now that Oregon’s fourth-largest city has reach a population of 100,000 people. illegal aliens and gang members.

“The stakes just grew higher, the challenges greater, and the cost of failure much larger,” Bemis said Wednesday after unveiling the design for new street signs scheduled to go up around the city to mark the city’s population milestone.

In a sweeping 40-minute speech, the 35-year-old restaurant owner highlighted a variety of city accomplishments over the past 12 months, including: the creation of Oregon’s first mandatory rental housing inspection program; putting city police officers on MAX light-rail trains to improve public safety; and boosting industrial growth by issuing 14 industrial building permits in 2007, compared to two the year before.

Bemis reported that 803,000 square feet of new industrial space was built in Gresham in 2007, compared to 56,000 square feet in 2006.

Bemis, who took office in January 2007, also warned of future challenges, pointing out that a recently published study examining regional inequities “tells us that almost all forms of poverty are coming in our direction. And fast.”

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