HIV positive Illegal aliens demand free medical from US Taxpayers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HIV positive illegal aliens er,,,,, I mean mostly mexicans
On HIV Positive Illegal Aliens
Our refusal to do anything about our porous Southern border is only making the illegal aliens more brazen (if such a thing is even possible). Their
most recent kvetch du jour is about how the ICE is denying health care to HIV positive “migrants” in the detention centers.
MEXICO CITY (AP) – Olga Arellano sobs as she recalls how her HIV-positive daughter spent two months succumbing to infections in a U.S. migrant detention center, complaining that she didn’t see a doctor or get the right medicine.
Fellow inmates also begged for help after Victoria Arellano started vomiting blood in their holding cell, where her lawyer said 105 detainees were crammed onto bunks and mattresses in a space designed for 40.
She died three days later, chained to a hospital bed.
I wonder if there’s any relation to the notorious
Elvira Arellano.
All I can say is that Miss Arellano must have had a pretty advanced case of HIV. And I realize this is going to sound cruel, but it looks like she was just coming here to get “free” health care.
The death of the 23-year-old transgender Mexican immigrant is at the forefront of discussions at this week’s international AIDS conference in Mexico City. Rights activists say it shows the failure of immigration officials to deal humanely with HIV-positive inmates among the 30,000 migrants held in detention centers across the United States.
When all else fails, blame America! We are taxed ruthlessly enough as it is without having to pay for the health care of every single illegal alien from Latin America.
The family’s lawyer, Steven Archer, says Arellano never got proper medical attention after she was stopped for drunk driving and handed over to immigration officials in June 2007.
“They never gave her any of the proper medications for her AIDS diagnosis. They did give her a prescription for a urinary tract infection, but even then, they filled her prescription with the wrong strength, and they never diagnosed the meningitis, even though she had been complaining about headaches, sweats and generalized pain for weeks. That is what killed her in the end,” Archer said. “It was so advanced that it involved her brain, her liver, her lungs, her heart, and a couple of other organs. She died in terrible pain.”
As far as I’m concerned, anyone sneaking here illegally has the right only to be sent back where they came from. And it’s really pathetic that there are American lawyers defending these invaders. Furthermore, HIV is less contagious than meningitis. Who knows how many more people could have been infected if this Victoria was let out.
ICE spends nearly $100 million annually on medical services for its detainees, including dental, chronic and mental health care. A June 11 report on deaths in ICE custody by the Homeland Security Department’s internal watchdog found that ICE’s overall standards have equalled those of other detention agencies.
I wouldn’t be surprised if people were sneaking in here just get treatment at these detention centers.
Since ICE was formed in 2003, 71 people out of 1.5 million have died in the agency’s custody. Officials also note that such deaths have declined to 7 last year even as the detainee population grew. But the watchdog report recommended that the ICE do more to improve oversight and screening procedures and to fill clinical staff shortages at detention facilities.
That actually sounds pretty good. But then again Human Rights Watch won’t stop whining until every terrorist is set free, and America is turned into a welfare state.
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