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Sweet Tanya: Fat Visa Over-stay Brazilian Craigslist Hooker speaks out

Mexican  Brazilian Hooker of the Month Speaks Out! Exclusive Interview Here! above one of Tanya’s johns from her Facebook site?Tanya’s comment: Dear Redneck that apparently hate women or sex with a woman. Sorry to tell you I am NOT a … Continue reading

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Indian Nationals Take advantage the Foreclosed Homes Market in Arizona

H1-b Visa High Tech Workers From India Profit from American Foreclosure in Chandler Arizona The High-Tech Hindu Nationals bought a foreclosed home at a “good deal” , profiting once again at American’s expense. The Male Hindu National works in the … Continue reading

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Mohit B. Tilva ,H1-B Visa worker in US – yes, do go back to India ,

  Mohit B. Tilva ,H1-B Visa worker in US – yes, do go back to India ,Mohit B Tilva   Mohit b. Tilva note he says nothing in his blog about displacing Americans from their rightful employment. He is completely … Continue reading

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US Engineer Tells Obama to deal with H1-b theft of American jobs by Foreign workers

US Engineer tells Obama to deal with H1-b Visa abuse Most H1-b visa workers come from India and employed in high-tech jobs, not all, but a lot. New information has come out that India , China, Laos and Iran refuse … Continue reading

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Dani Countryman Murdered by Alejandro Rivera Gamboa and Javier Arellano Gamboa two Mexican Illegal Gardeners in Oregon

, July 7, 2009 Kinda makes you want to rent an apartment in Oregon with all the mexicans living  in them, how come no lawyer has pursued legal action against the Apartment complex that hired them and rented to them? … Continue reading

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Adelante Chicas discriminates against English-Speaking Non-Hispanic Females

Saturday, April 5, 2008 Adelante Mujeres discriminates against English-Speaking Non-Hispanic Females (In summary:  This is just another way illegal aliens from mostly mexico drain Oregon financially , and on every other level. ) Adelante Mujeres reaches out to Latina girls … Continue reading

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President Obama's Absymal Voting Record on Immigration

President Obama’s Absymal Voting record on immigration http://grades.betterimmigration.com/testgrades.php3?District=IL&VIPID=1162 With a new administration moving into the White House, it’s more important than ever for you to let your voice be heard and tell Barack Obama that Amnesty is not the way … Continue reading

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