Adelante Chicas discriminates against English-Speaking Non-Hispanic Females

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adelante Mujeres discriminates against English-Speaking Non-Hispanic Females

(In summary:  This is just another way illegal aliens from mostly mexico drain Oregon financially , and on every other level. )

Adelante Mujeres reaches out to Latina girls in Forest Grove and discriminates against English-Speaking Non-Hispanic Females; once again showing that for Hispanics Racism is the norm (for the Race everything: La Raza)

Following is the foundation that gave a grant to keep latina anchor babies out of trouble:

Chief donor, Northwest Health Foundation, 221 NW Second Avenue, Suite 300, Portland, Oregon 97209 (503) 220-1955

The group is putting $150,000 into the program over the next three years.
My note sent to them at their site.

>((((( you are spending 150,000 on a program for young Latinas , most of whom would not be here if their illegal parents were deported.

this program discriminates against non hispanics
illegal alien females make up more then a quarter of the student population.
Isn’t that great?

First Generation Mexican is code word for Illegal alien, or anchor baby.

The “Orwellian “Newspaper-

all tools that combat ills disproportionately affecting Latino youth, like pregnancy, gangs and higher drop-out rates, Cooke said.

Toward the end of this month, Adelante Mujeres — or Onward Women will add a mini-version of itself with Adelante Chicas — Onward Young Girls. The program will cater to girls, ages 9 to 13, at three Forest Grove schools, eventually moving into the local high school and, if all goes well, surrounding school districts.
It’s a bold but natural move for a 5-year-old organization that has been lauded by groups across the metro area and even in Mexico for its unusually intimate approach and diverse offerings.
Now, young Latinas — some the daughters of women who make up the adult-version of Adelante — are set to gain from an ample menu of life skills. In weekly after-school focus groups, they will talk about peer aggression, sexuality, confidence, career goals and what it is like to straddle two cultures.
“Learning how to live in a culture their parents are unfamiliar with while maneuvering how to still be a Latina will be essential to their self-esteem.,” said Executive Director Bridget Cooke, who is launching the program with help of private grants.

What: Adelante Chicas or Onward Young Girls, a new program to empower young Latinas, ages 9 to 13.
Where: Offered at Fern Hill Elementary School, Tom McCall Upper Elementary School and Neil Armstrong Middle School
Information: (503) 992-0078
Forty-five girls have already been selected from Fern Hill Elementary School, Tom McCall Upper Elementary School and Neil Armstrong Middle School. Respectively, Latinas make up roughly 36 percent, 23 percent and 22 percent of the student population.
Adelante Chicas will include a mix of thriving and struggling girls.
Susana Plancarte hopes she made the list. The 11-year-old’s participation in a six-week pilot of the program over the summer left her wanting more.
“I was so much fun,” said Plancarte, a first generation Mexican-American. “I didn’t want it to end. We talked about being girls, I made new friends, we did a little book about our goals and talked about other stuff, like our families.”
Just as Adelante has done with women, the Adelante Chicas’ will build on family and leadership. This will give way to better choices, more education and independence —

Already, after-school programs at Tom McCall keep many students focused. But Adelante Chicas will offer something different, said Assistant Principal Chandra Wilson.
Nancy Ochoa, Adelante Chicas’ new coordinator, is confident the youth program will to take off.
“Just knowing how much these resources are needed, I know that these girls will feel connected and they, themselves, will begin to

recruit other Latinas.”
(((((Oh my god –how scary and racist is that?))))))
— Esmeralda GOBACKTOMEXICO Orwellian staff


Fern Hill Elementary School
Grades K-4
4445 Heather St.
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Principal: Dave Dorman
Secretary: Lollie Molina

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