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VOTE for your favorite Immigrant Group to Conquer the West!

Foolish peoples of the West. As http://www.numbersusa.com points out , it’s really about numbers,not immigrant groups. for the last 40 years, the US and the West have  experienced  , the largest immigration/invasion in our history. The cost to our quality of … Continue reading

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Somalian pirates steal ships

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7736885.stm  I apologize for using the BBC as a news source.  what I want to know is why the State department has welcomed Somalian trash into the United States and paid for their housing and medical and food, because they … Continue reading

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U.S. National Debt CLock –


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Off-Shore Drilling so Mexicans can all drive cars in US?

Off- Shore Drilling? sure so Mexican Illegals and other invaders can all drive cars http://www.culturechange.org/caoe.html find out why it’s wrong to drill – click on link above. also check out Numbersusa.com. Too many people in the US now due to … Continue reading

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Black Americans want Whites punished and more free stuff

 I pulled this off one a site like Topix where people can post and not be edited — right away. the following are two unedited posts from too self-identified blacks. I wonder how they feel about Obama’s white cabinet of recycled … Continue reading

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US police harass elderly white Americans yet let illegal aliens run free

American Police Harass Elderly Americans but let Illegals run free American Police harass Elderly Americans yet let Illegal aliens run free http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2008/10/criminal-charge.html  Ive seen kids take over neighborhoods with the full consent of their drunk, drugged crappy parents.     The … Continue reading

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CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization: Plenty of water if the mexicans went home

CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization http://capwiz.com/caps/issues/alert/?alertid=11769691&type=ML Good luck trying to get the liberal, leftist “environmental” movement to wake up to the inconvenient truth of runaway population growth fueled by illegal immigration. Another inconvenient truth is that these people don’t … Continue reading

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