VOTE for your favorite Immigrant Group to Conquer the West!

Foolish peoples of the West.
As points out , it’s really about numbers,not immigrant groups.
for the last 40 years, the US and the West have  experienced  , the largest immigration/invasion in our history.
The cost to our quality of life is staggering, and frankly we have already lost most of what we once had.
It is gone.
In the meantime, many western natives naively believe  their opinion is really important on which ethnic group or race or religions should be allowed to overtake, conquer, replace, devour the West.
Some think Asians are smart and clean, or Hindus, or Polish women, or Mexicans or the Irish.
We cannot afford being the dumping ground for the rest of the world.
I think Nature will take care of the matter but in the meantime, we are Powerless in the West to stop this Tidal wave of human flesh .
We are.
Our feeble laws and traditions mean nothing to those who come here to devour the last of our green spaces and relative freedom.

So please don’t tell me there are good immigrants . That’s how the mess got started.
Kennedy decided the Irish were good, and created the Visa Lottery for them, and now Somalians can use it.
Congress decided we should take in refugees , especially if they are dark skinned and third world and now we have Somalians etc.
Please don’t think the Indian Nationals and the Chinese are Nice and will respect our country. Look how  their countries are run and you will see how they will run us out of here.

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