Mexicans ruin yet another Wild Walking Place

Mexicans Ruin Yet Another Wild Walking Place

Last spring I was determined to hike all the beaches around Oregon. This one is a no man’s land because it is owned by the Railroads. Mostly crazy homeless people live down here ,so it was a little crazy for me to venture here alone, with no phone, weapons or dog. The first two visits went fine: no homeless nuts and I was determined to hike around the point.
well third times a charm. I get to the Beach and find two mexican males( or as the Police call them : Generic Mexicans or GM)one young, one old. I am polite because I have to be and I pretend it is really normal for me to be down on this beach alone.
The younger GM keeps looking towards the potholed road where the path starts. Now I was only down for 15 minutes and there wasn’t anyone at the trail head when I arrived,so when I get to the trail end which has a barricade , I find two mexican males with hostile faces and drinks in hand, two cars and a mexican female in the car. I try to be polite and get the hell out.
Once again, Mexicans like cockroaches have ferreted out a wild space to break the law and taken over.
I am sure there were many more that arrived after I left. I never went back. They can have Texas but they can’t have my wild spaces.

The path to the beach

on the waters edge- to my right are two mexicans trying to fish and I dont take their picture for safety reasons

looking for old glass

the path to the beach

more path –
tag art -mexicans are too my left
best close up
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