Fred Meyer-Kroger= Traitors who profit from Drunk Mexicans who Kill Americans: Corona Beer, Amnesty, Driving Drunk with Kroger

afrinca-illegal1monnnnn Fred Meyer Loves Drunk Mexicans who Kill Americans: Corona Beer, Amnesty, Driving Drunk with Kroger

Fred Meyer should be charged with murder for every American killed by a Drunk Mexican.Unbelievable _ after all the Mexicans arrested for drunk driving and all the Americans they have killed, Fred Meyer has a huge display geared towards mexicans with Corona Beer and Cinco De mayo. Fred Meyer should be required to pay for every drunk driver or accident . They are such corporate hypocrites; they donate money to charities yet profit from murder and death by Mexicans.

 Every day Mexicans are arrested for drunk driving and yet Fred Meyer supports and encourages Mexican illegals. Check out multnomah county jail roster and see all the drunk mexicans

Corona Beer is Mexican Beer , not American. Kroger and Corona ( Mexico) Beer decided to use July the 4th and the Statue of Liberty to promote the NAU, The Mexican Invasion and Reconquista of the United States, and Amnesty for Mexican Nationals. This is incredibly blatant and un-Patriotic. Kroger is a Traitor La Raza Corporation.The fact that Security ran me off just for taking pictures and followed me through the store says it all…. Fred Meyer = One Stop Fascism

Fascist Pro-Open Borders Fred Meyer

One of the Fred Meyer employees that swooped in immediately to ask what I was doing .The security guard , who followed me is not shown here.

Note the word Mexico next to the Statue of Liberty

Funny, but they were also giving away coupons for tomatoes at the site. Also a trip to Mexico , where you can be be-headed by a machete wielding Mexican drug lord.3n43o73lfzzzzzzzzz93972bff24b142517fb



 Within seconds of taking the pictures I was surrounded by two security guards who wanted to know if they could help me (harass me) and that I couldn’t take pictures. I was followed to the check stand by the security guard.
In all the years I have shopped at Fred Meyer, I have never had a clerk ask me if I needed help. Then I take pictures of their display and I am surrounded.
The store is always full of illegal aliens, wiring money and using W.I.C., but they don’t get harassed in any wayshifhdsflihlidsfhlaidshf






The Kroger Co. is one of the largest retail food companies in the United States as measured by total annual sales.  






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3 Responses to Fred Meyer-Kroger= Traitors who profit from Drunk Mexicans who Kill Americans: Corona Beer, Amnesty, Driving Drunk with Kroger

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  2. Rickford says:

    It’s bad enough that these illegal mestizos are invading our land but it’s even worse that traitorous Americans and American corporations are helping them do it. Recently I was having a private conversation with an aquaintance of mine about the illegal invasion that’s taking place. This white man in his 30s interupted us and said that he works in the construction buisness and prefers to hire nothing but hispanics and that he does’nt want lazy Americans working for him. I then calimly and politely asked him if he hires illegal aliens and he said he does’nt worry about any of that. my aquaintance then blurted out that true patriotic Americans do not break the law and hire foriegners above their own race and countrymen. the guy went whacko and said that he would rather consider his fellow non-American employees his people than us pathetic lazy Americans. I then replied (in a calm and polite manor) that he is a prime example of why abortion needs to remain legal in this country. He then said he better leave because he’s about to put someone in the hospital. My aquaintance then stated that once a law breaker,always a law breaker.

    That’s was the end of our little adventure with a typical traitorous American that hires illegal aliens and refuses to hire Americans. By the way ….. I know PLENTY of white and black Americans that re not lazy. This fool. made a sweeping generalization and demonized his own fellow Americans.

  3. Nick says:

    We’re loosing our country. Sad but true. Instead of sending troops to Afaganistan and other far off lands we need to have troops stationed on our borders with the orders to shoot and kill any illegal who crosses over. Likewise all people who are suspected of being illegals need to be required to show proof of LEGAL residency here or face immediate deportation. Any American that knowingly hires illegals needs to have his buisness,house,and and cars confiscated in addition to spending a very lengthy time in jail.

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