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Top 50 Names baby names for anchor babies born in America

Top 50 baby names for anchor babies born in  America 1 b199er (a reference to penis size, maybe? 2 $$$ FIERCE DRAVIDIAN $$$ 3 Lealtad 4 SOMALILAND 5 shoufian 6 Toghdeer 7 Bengali_boy 8 Blackman 2 9 Qoya 10 uppi … Continue reading

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Oregon Lawyers profit from Illegal aliens

Nice to see Oregon Lawyers are enabling illegal aliens and profiting from them too! Just went out for a walk, and found a roofing company that was all Hispanic Mexican mostlikelyillegals. Completely commonplace. Do Americans ever get hired anymore? More … Continue reading

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How Bill Gates destroyed King County and Washington State

              Its quite simple , Bill Gates , a really rich brilliant white male, opened Microsoft in Redmond Washington.          He then hired  white American educated computer types to work as temp workers without medical benefits and This went on … Continue reading

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How Obama got elected


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Two English Speaking Americans Banned from National parks but not the Mexican Illegals

Two English speaking Americans banned from National Parks but not the illegals Hysterical ! the government bans them from National parks but not the Illegal aliens, who litter,rape, murder and grow pot in the National parks . Check out the … Continue reading

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Black Hate crimes against White Women

Black men began to target white women with rape and other violence and exploitation as soon as the civil rights movement started… Only no one ever identified it as such… it was as though white women and white people deserved … Continue reading

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