Detroit is Crap and Diversity Sucks removed and banned more censorship in Obama-land

Detroit is Crap banned more censorship  in Obama-land Detroit is Crap  and Diversity Sucks removed and banned more censorship  in Obama-land 

 seems censorship  will be Obama’s Legacy

 last time I checked Detroit is crap had a google blog , but it is on google’s shit list so it won’t come up in a google search.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Detroit is Crap removed by blog host

Update: I’m just back from VNN, apparently the newpaper Detroit News threatened to sue the blogger for copyright infringement, and the hosting company gave up, fearing a lawsuit. The blogger comments that even if the copyright thing had merit, the real reason is his content. [I agree with this] This is bad…no one can afford a lawsuit, they can get us one by one.  



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2 Responses to Detroit is Crap and Diversity Sucks removed and banned more censorship in Obama-land

  1. Got mexicans? Got swine flu? Got drug resistant TB? Got contractors on the roof so a white guy won’t be paid fairly and scum contractor won’t have to pay into SSDI? Got tomatoes with e-coli? Got hospitals closing? Got anchor babies? Got knifings and shootings? Got ESL illegals in your kid’s classroom? Got la raza org lawyers suing scum employers who hired them? Got section-8? Got diapers thrown in the parking lot? Got packages opened and contents ripped out in stores? Got that makes-you-want-to-bash-their-head-in mariachi ‘music’ crap they play? Got more mexi-radio stations than English ones? Got CHP incident website that shows real-time how many hit-and-run accidents So-Cal has? Got free ER treatment for any ailment? Got illegals standing on the corner hawking their e-coli produce? Got graffiti and gang markers on everything? Got everything nailed down so it doesn’t get stolen? Got those gang-call whistle sounds coming down the alleyway? Got Sanctuary City like in SF? Got home depot stores with illegals congregating around waiting for scum contractors and no one gives a s*&^? Got a blue collar job and have been outsourced by these invaders? Got bills to pay but can’t because no one will hire a White man to plumb, paint , roof or landscape anymore? Got weird food in your stores for the illegals that you don’t know if they even meet health standards? Got illegal standing around at bus stops to go home from the tourist trap jobs White kids once held? Got that annoying sound of the chattering cadence of their language in your head? Got border control? Got guns? Got ammo? Got sharp , long knives?

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