Latino Imports of Beaverton Needs an ICE raid

Update Part 2- Latino Imports full of illegals wiring $ Beaverton Oregon

Latino Mart is next door to the Police station. The entire area is taken over by illegals from Mexico.

Note the picture I took of the window to this store last summer. Since then they have removed all ads like this so they blend better.

following it the response to my story about this in Rants and Raves.

Yes . it is true we are being invaded by illegals from all over the world,but Mexico is our most visible and largest group of invaders.

: Latino Imports beavton right next door to Police station wiring $ (IGNORANCE)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-04-08, 12:19AM PDT

why the fuck is it that we have to make this so racial. Illegals are not only mexican not all illegals are mexicans. Do you think that only illegals send their money back. Only mexicans have family that they leave behind. Everyone of the countries were immigrants come from to Better their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Are you people so shallow that you think that european immigrants are all legal, how about asian, african?????? When I was in college there were more illegals from europe in my classes that from anywhere else. Illegals are also people that came into our country legal but chose to stay to chase theDREAM and now they are ILLEGAL. fuck please stop using race it makes you look fucking stupid.


——————————————————————–Excuse me but the American Dream is reserved for legal Americans. Go back to Mexico and create a Mexican Dream , then you won’t have to rob us .————
Hispanics use the race card and the ethnonationalism card all the time, but if anyone says Mexican they scream racist.
who made it racial? Its ethnic nationalism and geography combined. The Store sign says Latino which is exclusionary. Most Syrian or Somalian or Brazilian Illegals would not walk in that store.

There are always GM ( Generic Mexicans ) present outside it.

GM is the new police word for Mexicans. That’s how many there are here that the police have their own word for them.

Latino Imports in Beaverton is full of Illegal aliens wiring money to (god damned Mexico)& it’s next door to the Police Station.

Latino Imports Beaverton : Wiring $$ to Mexico right next door to the Police Station ICE raid anyone?

Part One : Latino Imports

3905 SW 117th Ave # D
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 626-7765‎Last summer I found Latino Imports, RIGHT next door to the Beaverton community police station. Plastered all over the front window and door of Latino Imports were ads in Mexican on how to wire money to Mexico.
I was shocked. It was the most blatant symbol of how entrenched and unmonitored illegal aliens are in Oregon. ( a year later and nothing shocks me anymore. Corruption is the norm )
Ice could have worked with the Police and made some arrests, but no, illegal aliens are special citizens, only legal Americans have to follow the laws of our land.
I went back this week and found Latino Imports, had moved to the other side of the Beaverton Police Station; Now they are bigger and better,like Target! On the other side is Mexican restaurant # 244406060,000000000!
Only now they have no ads on the doors telling Mexicans to wire money home.
Beaverton Police credo as follows- isn’t being illegal a crime? a disruption to society?



We will partner with our citizens to develop a strong, self-sufficient community in which crime and disorder will not flourish.”signed Beaverton PoliceEmail: (not to be used for issues requiring immediate response



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