Senator Harry Reid says Amnesty will pass next spring no Problemo

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for those of you who think Obama meant change for Americans , I think this is what he meant: to Give Amnesty to His Aunt and 38 million other illegals. He is working with his former enemy McCain to make this happen, yet another reason voting is a bad joke in the US
Burst Reid’s trial amnesty balloon today — phone and then fax register at

We don’t know if Senate Majority Leader Reid really meant it yesterday when he told a Detroit reporter that he expects an amnesty to go through the Senate in the spring without much of a fight.
But even if he was talking carelessly in an off-the-cuff comment, his declaration has spread throughout Washington and has become a TRIAL BALLOON.
If we don’t prove Sen. Reid wrong immediately, Senators may start to believe that there won’t be much of a fight if they bring up an amnesty early next year.
Tens of thousands of you MUST call your Senators TODAY if we are to burst that balloon and send the right message to Reid and Pres-Elect Obama, as well as the rest of the Senate.
Phone notes are posted on your
personalized Action Buffet corkboard and faxes will be posted there soon. As you know, the phone notes contain talking points, plus all of your Senators’ phone numbers.
As always, you can also reach all the Senators’ Washington D.C. offices through the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.
(We are not putting up phone notes or faxes for Senators who are retiring or who were defeated in the elections.)
Seeing as how today is the day before Thanksgiving, I suggest that you try first calling the local offices of your Senators.
It is important that the entire staffing organization of each Senator knows that Sen. Reid has put this putrid turkey on the nation’s table just before holiday and that plenty of constituents already have noticed the stench and are demanding that it be removed.
You are likely to hear that there is no such bill before the Senate and that they have heard nothing about it. But you MUST make it clear that the LEADER of the Senate has said there WILL be an amnesty bill in the spring and that it WILL pass with little opposition.
Demand to know if your Senator will oppose the Comprehensive Amnesty bill that Reid says Obama and McCain have agreed to push.
I’m sorry to ask you to do this during your holiday preparations. But think about some of the original meanings of this occasion. Isn’t it about giving thanks for the ability to come through really tough struggles? I don’t think anybody who has failed to struggle for their community can feel the true spirit of Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Thank you for taking a few minutes to make some phone calls. They don’t have to be long. We just need thousands of them all day.

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