Anne Pressly: Black Male Murders and Rapes White Woman- : Hate Crime against Whites

Anne Pressly’s Black Male murders and rapes white woman anchorwoman named Pressly

( Obama’s People say yes yes we can rape murder white women. This one is for South africa sucks- In the US black males have been murdering and raping white women ever since Kennedy was President and the media cant seem to connect the dots)

Anchorwoman’s Murder Probe Cracks Cold Case

Exclusive: Police Say DNA Links Second Rape Case to Anne Pressly’s Alleged Killer


The investigation into the murder of popular Little Rock, Ark., anchorwoman Anne Pressly may help solve a second crime.

New details are surfacing about the prime suspect in the Anne Pressly case.

Kristen Edwards, of Marianna, Ark., was raped and attacked in April. Police say that DNA evidence from Pressly’s crime scene matched Edwards’ attacker, and detectives from both cities collaborated to search for a suspect. Curtis Lavell Vance was arrested Nov. 26 and charged with Pressly’s murder.

Pressly, 26, a rising star on the local morning news scene, was beaten into a coma and raped in her apartment in October after a break-in, apparently by a stranger who took her laptop computer, a credit card and little else. The face so many in her hometown had come to know was crushed beyond recognition.

Some 100 miles away, Edwards, a schoolteacher and fan of Pressly, was attacked while getting ready for work.

“It was a surprise,” Edwards told ABC News. “He was hiding in my living room, and I never saw it coming. Never saw it coming.” Edwards’ attacker had come at her from behind, and forced her to lie on her stomach so she could not see his face. abc_pressly_

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