Crime victims of Illegal aliens

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1 Response to Crime victims of Illegal aliens

  1. fanny says:

    Mayra Payes Carrillo
    Aliases: Guera
    Date of Birth: Octuber 06, 1978
    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown
    Sex: Female
    Race: White/Hispanic
    Nationality: Guatemala
    NCIC Number: No have documentation,
    Occupation: No
    Scars and Marks: Mayra alias Guera has a tattoo of a roses in the arms right.
    Is gang member
    Does not carry document has problems with the law, is extremely violent, to be careful. “once or twice carries firearm or I puncture cutting”
    Possible address where itself to seen
    5214 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles CA. 90011

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