My Best Friends are Bi-Racial

My best friends are bi-racial

  posting this site because white people who try not to be racist and 
      have black friends are idiots.

My Best Friends are Bi_Racial : Like Obama
the above web site is a satire on how white people make fools of themselves trying not to be racist and trying to be really cool and have black friends. White People are the only group that works really hard on not being racist. All other groups are racist and are fine with it.

That websites a joke right? If not I have to say I’m sort of appalled and EMBARRASSED by what I’m reading here. You make a WEBSITE dedicated to the fact that you happen to have black friends? Let me ask you this, if you think that having black friends is novelty enough that you’d make a corny poorly designed website dedicated to it…. you’re singling out black people as somehow being different enough that it’s strange for whites to befriend them. That as far as I’m concerned is a form of racism. By the way, the pictures that you’ve plastered all over your site are ridiculous. Unless this is in fact a joke site, I feel that you’ve basically eliminated all your credibility.–Arkera ~ Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet ~


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