Olga Antropova: Russian Immigrant Defrauds Steals with Fake Shakira Concert

Olga Antropova: Russian Immigrant Defrauds Steals with Fake Shakira Concert

Olga Antropova Russian immigrant Defrauds, steals with Fake Shakira Concert Fake Concert Fake Blonde

Update on Olga the Ugly Scammer immigrant and her immigrant Asian crook husband. ID theft , bad checks, fake concert, and they are both immigrants. Olga was insolent until she was arrested and now she pretends to be innocent , claiming it was all her husband’s scam. Anyone who saw the news video of her at Starbucks several days ago will never believe her innocence.
see my previous thread on criminal immigrants. http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.blogspot.com/2008/10/ugly-greedy-immigrants-and-ias-they.html
Olga’s Lying ,insolent myspace page , which she last visited two days ago .,
( yet another reason to stop all immigration for ten years. Get the State Department out of the “immigrant import business)
(By Thom Jensen KATU News and KATU.com Web Staff
BEAVERTON, Ore. – At first, she did not want to talk about a bogus concert starring a Grammy award winner but now the woman who police originally believed was behind a ticket scheme is talking.
The three-day event, billed as the ‘First Annual International Dance Festival,’ was supposed to culminate in Bellevue, Wash., Sunday night with a concert starring Latin rocker Shakira.
Workers at a Lazerquick shop in Beaverton worked through the night after a woman came in with a rush job for more than $5,000 in posters, postcards, business cards and concert tickets.
But when the checks for the massive rush job came back from the bank, the printers knew it had all been bogus. The checks were counterfeit, according to police, and the concert a fake.
KATU News set up a phony ticket purchase to try to catch the bogus promoter in the act. Olga Antropova showed up about a half hour late for our appointment and was upset ( no she was rude and insolent)when we confronted her.
Antropova jumped into a rental car with a man behind the wheel and they drove off. The driver, 35-year-old
Nguyen Nguyen
(who turned out to be Antropova’s husband), was later arrested.
Antropova told police her husband (pictured on the right) was the one who masterminded the scam.
“He mainly hurt people that were close to him – family,” she said. “He doesn’t just take their money, he takes the trust. He takes years out of your life.”
Police said Nguyen is wanted in King County, Clark County and Tigard for identity theft and some of his victims are his own family members.
It is unknown how many people fell victim to the ticket scam and police are hoping to hear from those who learned they were duped.
Meanwhile, Antropova is cooperating with police and said she is trying to put her broken life back together.

Beaverton police bust scam for phony Shakira concerts
(ps Shakira is another fake blonde– ) previous story
Wednesday October 29, 2008, 5:11 PM
BEAVERTON – Police have discovered an elaborate ticket scam involving a phony Web site that advertised tickets to non-existing concerts by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira.
The scam also included phony posters and other materials advertising concerts in Bellevue, Wash., from Oct. 31 through Nov. 2, said Detective Pam Yazzolino, spokeswoman for the Beaverton Police Department.

Shakira is the highest-selling Colombian artist of all time and has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.
On Oct. 24, police were called by Lazerquick employees, reporting that a customer had written two checks for printing work on concert billboards. The checks, Yazzolino said, totaled more than $5,000 and were returned by the bank as fraudulent.
Yazzolino said the flyers and other material printed at Lazerquick advertised the “First Annual International Dance Festival.” A Web site had been set up to sell tickets to the phony event for $230 each, Yazzolino said.
Police say the person who passed the checks was identified as Olga Antroprova, 24, who is cooperating with authorities. On Monday, police arrested Nguyen Nguyen, 35, on outstanding warrants. Yazzolino said police are investigating his possible involvement with the phony concert ticket scheme.
Anyone with information about the scam, or who has been a victim of it, is asked to call Beaverton Police Detective Mike Hanada at 503-526-2267 .
– John Snell;
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  2. capt sparky says:

    i say deport the russian no matter what her status here is

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