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Warning! Cuidado! Use this form to send Illegal mexicans Home!

 Warning! Cuidado! Use this form to send Illegal mexicans Home!       WARNING !  WARNING !  WARNING!   Cuidado de Cuidado de Cuidado ! Go Back to Mexico Illegal alien   Gringo (extranjero) le estan Supervisando. Se  esta investigando su presencia Y Usted estara Deportado Si Le Encuentran para estar en … Continue reading

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thought police at Evil Google change tactics on South Africa Sucks

http://www.theurbangrind.net/?p=3586( good article on more google BS) google is letting people back in at the last south africa sites blog—-  but not on google”s blogroll- thats for the  Boring People. We can only hope that the sheltered humanoids at google experience … Continue reading

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