thought police at Evil Google change tactics on South Africa Sucks good article on more google BS)

google is letting people back in at the last south africa sites blog—-  but not on google”s blogroll- thats for the  Boring People. We can only hope that the sheltered humanoids at google experience being sodomized brutally by a third world immigrant and so understand why they should not yank blogs .p1010097

My old site as it appears to myself only(above- below link to the Old  Google South Africa Sucks Site)

so I guess they are feeling the heat ?  It just shows that humans are making the decisions and they decided that pulling south Africa sucks was a bad idea for PR.

The Not So Secret Game Plan

They now have little choice but to quietly say to their followers “look, we cannot be seen publicly to take these things from the whites and openly and by force “redistribute” then to you. So here’s the plan – you go and take them from the whites yourselves. You want land? Go kill a farmer. You want cars? Go hijack them. You want cellphones, laptops, nice stuff? Go help yourselves in the lily-white suburbs. And in exchange we will look the other way. We will deny that crime is a problem. We will make sure to short-circuit the system so that you can get away with it.”



“We will cripple the Police Service so that you, our black brothers, will not get caught. Your dockets will simply disappear. We will hamstring the courts and the judiciary so that your cases will never come to trial, or we will ensure that you always get mahala bail, and new trial dates never set. We will make sure that if we fail with these first two things, our black brothers in Correctional Services will look the other way when you scale that prison wall to freedom. Why, even your black brethren in the SA Police, Army and other services will be rubbing shoulders with you in dividing the spoils, so you needn’t fear them.”

“Furthermore, we will disarm the whites so that they cannot resist you. If they dare use their guns against you, we will confiscate those weapons and charge them with murder. Even if they dare intervene when you mug a screaming old white bitch or even a young one, we will make sure to arrest them for assault and the intent to do GBH. We will tear down their booms and their secure neighbourhoods, and we will force them with legislation to remove their self-defence mechanisms or we will simply withhold our permission for them to put these barriers up. We will dismantle the commandos and stack the SAPS and army with our own black brothers, as we are now doing with the courts.”



“So go forth black brothers, and retake what the racist white man has stolen from YOU. Our puppets in the media will at our command, downplay and censor the news so the stupid whiteys have no clue as to what is really going on. If they dare complain, create SA Sucks blogs or Samizdat type publications to circumvent the established media framework, we will infiltrate them with spies and impimpis. We will muster our Judas goat whites both here and internationally. We will mobilise the Greg Berchenkos, the Ingrid Denzins and the Keith Ainslie Smiths of the world to attack them, to impugn their motives, to discredit them and to downplay the real truth.”

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