Beaverton Mexican Illegals take over housing Market

scan0007scan0006Illegal Mexicans rent only to Mexicans Discrimination in Beaverton (268 9639)

mexicans are all over beaverton –
following the phone numbers of landlords renting out to mexicans only. this is illegal:

Pedro Garcia- 503 268 2297 Illegal aliens are  not paying taxes in Oregon while doing yard work: No Jab is to Big or to Small CCB#178614- to get a business license it is not necessary to prove legal status.(  a white male alleging to be both a democrat states that Pedro Garcia of Tualatin is paying taxes, but is he legal? he is insured and bonded? does he have a medical policy in the case of  an accident? He can’t even spell Job correctly so I think this White male is a hoax, I also think his threat of a lawsuit from a Mexican who cant spell English would be wonderful and most amusing.
503 268 9639
503 5308284 phone numbers of landlords intentionally renting to spanish speakers only
714 3159225

Mexicans are
taking housing from legal americans and selectively renting only to mexicans- mostly single male. this is in violation of federal laws

re-Seriously- what’s with mexican kids being out at 1am? (PDX)

They do not do anything because it is illegal for police to do their job in Portland. They are only tax collectors and warrant servers and METER MAIDS. Portland PD is the joke of the USA! They are scared of 2 year olds with a bottle, it could be a weapon—RUN!!!
Seriously- what’s with mexican kids being out at 1am? (PDX)
When I am coming back home from a night out, I can’t help but to notice mexican kids as young as 5 out in the streets. The older ones (around 12) are never with adults. They’re up to no good. If those kids were white, PD would be all over it. Why doesn’t PD do anything? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a shit about the welfare of anchor babies but I hate seeing the tagging all over the next day. Does anyone know what’s up with that? I don’t know any white person who would allow their 12 year old kid to be strolling the streets at 1am and I work with a lot of fucked up families.

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3 Responses to Beaverton Mexican Illegals take over housing Market

  1. Pedro's tax preparer says:

    I am a Caucasian American (Democrat). I know Mr. Garcia and his wife personally, and as a matter of fact, I work for his tax preparer and I know for a fact that he has filed and paid his taxes for himself as well as his business.

    If you spoke spanish, you would know what the announcement says. It doesn’t say anything about renting to any specific race.

    You have no proof of anything you say; I am going to contact Mr. Garcia immediately to advise him of this posting and to advise him to retain an attorney to immediately to file a slander lawsuit against you. Also, I am printing off copies of anything on this website that can be used against you in this lawsuit.

    It’s a shame that you don’t try and use your time and energy for something of positive value to change the world for the better instead of trying to inflict hurt upon other human beings whom have done no harm to you.

    I believe that everyone should follow the law. I believe that our laws need some major reform. I believe in free speech. All I ask is that you don’t take my word for it, research this with true professionals and economists and they will tell you that complete deportation would cause a complete collapse of our economic and social systems here in the United States; but, please, don’t take my word for it –

    My expertise can only allow me to speak for the tax revenues. If it is true that there are 12,000,000 illegals in the United States, and they each made $8.00 per hour (practically minimum wage), then their employers would have been obligated to withhold and pay to the SSA $1.8 million dollars and appx a quarter million to state unemployment funds. These illegals will never see a dime of that money. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the withholding taxes that most illegals don’t file taxes to get their refunds and they certainly don’t qualify for earned income credits if they are working for less than poverty level incomes. Now do you see why the government is not taking steps towards reform??? Well, if not, then let me tell you why – because deportation will cause our economy to go into a depression yet the voters won’t stand for amnesty. So, they really don’t know what the heck to do next.

    I think we should put racism aside, and try to come up with solutions that will benefit our nation as well as our neighbors – Canada and Mexico. Imagine if we were all allies, we could have an even stronger presence in the world. How can we try and force our “democratic” and anti-terrorist ideas on countries in the middle east when we can’t live by example?

    If you are truly all about free-speech, then you will post my comment. However, I sincerely doubt you will so I will thank you at least for listening to my thoughts and I hope that you will remove the untruths in your blog and kindly research your statements before they cause irreparable damage to yourself or others.

  2. According to zee... says:

    In 2007, illegal immigrants accounted for:

    10% of sex crimes convictions
    11% of murders convictions
    13% of stolen cars convictions
    13% of aggravated assaults convictions
    17% of those sentenced for violent crimes
    19% of those sentenced for property crimes
    20% of those sentenced for felony DUI.
    21% of crimes committed with weapons
    34% of those sentenced for the manufacture, sale or transport of drugs
    36% of those sentenced for kidnapping
    44% of forgeries
    50% of those sentenced for crimes related to “chop shops”

    SO MY QUESTION IS…..WHO accounted for the MAJORITY of the crime in this country???

    85% of false ID convictions…well duh, who else would need a false ID??? I guess the rest were from meth heads trying to use stolen ID’s…

    96% of smuggling convictions…well duh, who else would smuggle into the US other than people from other countries. I seriously doubt that any americans travel to other countries for anything less than a vacation or to run away from a crime they committed.

  3. Josh Morgan says:
    I believe that whoever wrote this about Mr. Garcia is a coward and has no balls to back up what he says.

    At the same time I feel this blog is just a waste of Internet space and should be shot down!

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