Santa Claus Killer: another Mexican-Hispanic Crime


arg-santa-chimney-rev-url warning : marrying a mexican and her family can be bad for your career:

The mass murder by a man dressed as Santa appears to have been an exclusively Mexican Hispanic crime, with no persons with english surnames involved. all Mexican hispanic non-white criminals are listed as white by the FBI etc whenit is obvious they are half  Indian and African and not white.  Note Southern California, which is now a Mexican Nation, and the Catholic Church, the religion that encouraged the wetbacks to breed like Rabbits on fertility drugs, and so overwhelm their own country and now ours.

The mass murder occurred in what appears to have been a mexican hispanic area , with all mexican names as victims.

Instead of going postal, maybe we should call it going NASA?

 He had planned to flee the county for Canada after shooting his wife and her family. But he ran out of bullets and then to kill the others set fire to the house. The problem was his cheap chinese made Santa Suit was not flame retardant! (Should have checked that out before hand, IMO). So he got third degree burns and was so badly injured he knew he could not take that plane! That’s when he decided to just shoot himself in the head. His inlaws were Mexican. Those Mexican families can be pretty damn difficult and demanding, the girls always want to move their parents, siblings and cousins into Big Papas house and have him support the whole lot of them in luxury. Since he lost his job he couldn’t do that no more so that’s obviously when the problems started.

, in mexico , elementary teachers are sent ransom notes for cash or they will kill the kids.

mexicans threaten to murder kids for money


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2 Responses to Santa Claus Killer: another Mexican-Hispanic Crime

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  2. shamedbymycountry says:

    Even WITH govt. censoring the truth behind illegal alien crimes Americans are seeing the reality. Knowing doesn’t seem to make a difference. America will lose this war because, unlike Mexicans, we won’t stand together to accomplish SHIT if, in doing so we appear to be racists. Makes you wonder…how many ” CANCER LISTS ” are out there. This “SANTA” had something to lose or he wouldn’t have planned an escape. I’ve personally had to experience the double standard that contaminates our legal system (divorce, child support, traffic etc. etc.) A healthy, white American male has ZERO chance of survival. Note: I’m a white, middle-aged divorced smoker/painter/angry American man with a family history of several types of fatal diseases who, last month found lots of blood in his stool. AND I AM PISSED!!

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