Mexican Female Knifed by Illegal Mexican Rodolfo Cruz in Beaverton oregon Conestoga apts

small_cruzMexican Female Knifed by Illegal Mexican in Beaverton oregon

(landlords check credit yet rent to illegal aliens with fake id and criminal will pay for her expensive surgery at OHSU)note Police never check for immigration status , not even when a crime is committed
Mexican Female Seriously Assaulted by Mexican Illegal male Beaverton Police Dept. – 01/01/09
(Stop renting to illegals! Conestoga Park
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On January 1, 2009 at 5:14 am the Beaverton Police Department received a call from residents at the Conestoga Park Apartments reporting an assault occurring now with a weapon. They explained that a man was attacking a woman with a knife. When police arrived they found the victim, 28 year old Imelda Vazquez Cabello, in the driver’s seat of her car bleeding from her face and neck. Witnesses explained the couple had been getting ready to leave from an earlier New Year’s Eve family gathering and return to their Tualatin residence. The victim was in the parking lot saying goodbye to a cousin when the suspect, Rodolfo Hernandez Cruz 24, appeared to get jealous over the conversation. Police were told Rodolfo began yelling at Imelda then he walked around the car, took out a pocket knife and began assaulting her. He was able to cause several cuts to Imelda’s neck and face before fleeing the scene. Medical personnel transported Imelda to OHSU where she immediately underwent surgery. Although it’s still unclear as to the severity of Imelda’s injuries or number of wounds she received, she is currently out of surgery and in ICU. Rodolfo was arrested on the charges of Assault I and Unlawful Use of a Weapon and will be lodged at the Washington County Jail pending grand jury and possible additional charges. There is no further information available as it is still an ongoing investigation. ##BPD##
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  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says: says

    they port more money to USA than a hole lot of lazy fat ass whites, they work hard and pay taxes that never claim

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