Beheaded Mexicans on Obama's & Congress's pathway to citizenship

3n93kb3md1fb1g2147913e6cdca422458160f Mexicans beheaded by Mexicans, with machettes in mexico

 what was that about amnesty for the 20 million living in the United States?

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7 Responses to Beheaded Mexicans on Obama's & Congress's pathway to citizenship

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  3. Joe C. says:

    I was born and have lived all 44 years of my life in California. I never could understand why people have so little understanding of the real Mexico. Basically, starting about 500 years ago, Mongolian Indians, Europeans (mostly Spaniards), West African black african slaves, Melanesian slaves (from New Guinea, Soloman Islands, etc.), Sephardic Jews, Arabs, Moors, Gypsies, and even Pygmy slaves from the Philippines, ALL got together and MASS-MIXED with each other, thus producing the final product: The wonderful modern Mexican that we have today. I see traits, both racial and cultural, from ALL of the above peoples…. in the Mexican. They are the absolute polar opposite of what an “American” was a half-century ago. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in “White Supremacy,” because no race of people could claim superiority over ANYTHING, who are too ignorant or stupid to even be able to recognize Mexicans as a threat. Mexicans are the joke of human history.

  4. :) says:

    I think white trash like you are the joke of a human to come to the United States I think I might make way more money than you and money . One more think white people dont own the United States its all the people who work here who own the United States not u your
    so dum for writing what you did get a life and

    the picture that you posted shit happens all over the world and the united states too, look at the minutemen what do say about that dumass
    one more thing dont ever vist Mexico for a vacation thats if u feel the way you do about us
    thak you has a nice day

  5. Janers says:

    you have heard that the illegal aliens are getting free health coverage under pelosis bill?
    call senate now and say no. – we dont need obama style socialism he wants to give free medical and dental to the entire third world

  6. Road Skare says:

    i fear it is too late…..this country elected this clown and now we we natives will have to endure the giving away of the country to the illegals and the rest of the world while we are left to fend for ourselves until his term is over…

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