Mexican Male robs Mexican store La Barca Jal Latino in Tualatin Oregon

Mexican Male robs Mexican store La Barca Jal Latino in Tualatin Oregon

Oregon police never call ICE they never call ICE. Illegal mexicans can do whatever they wish.

short mexican male robs Mexican store in Tualatin oregon

what is funny about this is the illegal mexican used a Bank of American deposit bag to steal from his fellow illegal aliens.Mexicans appear to be using welfare and robbing to deal with the recession. they are no self deporting.
Tualatin Store Robbed at GunpointTualatin Police Dept. – 12/04/08
La Barca Jal Latino store was robbed at gun point in Tualatin tonight. The suspect was alone but brandished a revolver type gun while asking he be given money. At 8:52 pm the Tualatin Police were called to a robbery occurring now at the store located at 8144 SW Seneca ST. An employee called to report they had been robbed at gun point and the suspect had fled on foot. No other parties or vehicles were seen. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male in his mid 20’s, wearing a gray sweatshirt, a dark colored bandana covering his face and possibly wearing gloves. He was said to be about 5’6″ with a small build. The suspect walked into the business, brandished a gun and demanded money. The clerk complied and the suspect left on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. The money was taken in a black “Bank of America,” deposit bag. No one was injured. A K-9 track was done with negative results. This is still an ongoing investigation; no further information is available at this time. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call the Tualatin Police Department at 503-629-0111.


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