Neglient Driver Hispanic Illegal? Male kills American in Dalles Oregon

Note how the police never check for immigration status??
(Photograph Source: Oregon State Police)

A Dallas-area man died and three other people mexicans were seriously injured Wednesday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash on Highway 223 about one-half mile south of Highway 22. Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers are continuing the investigation and Highway 223 re-opened about five hours after the crash.

According to OSP Sergeant Derek Bischoff, preliminary investigation indicates on December 3, 2008 at approximately 4:20 p.m. a 1994 Eagle Vision four-door driven by DOMENIC FAGUNDES, age 53, from Grand Ronde, was southbound on Highway 223 near Fir Villa Road when it crossed the centerline and collided nearly head-on with a northbound 2001 Toyota Corolla driven by ADAM RAYMOND SCHOTT, age 27, from Dallas.

SCHOTT was pronounced deceased at the scene. He was using safety restraints.

Two passengers in the Toyota were seriously injured. Right front passenger MIRTA SAMANIEGO, age 37, from Dallas, and her 14-year old daughter whose name is not available were transported to Salem Hospital. Their safety restraint use is to be determined.

FAGUNDES was seriously injured and transported to Good Samaritan Medical Center in Corvallis. His safety restraint use is to be determined.

Air bags in both cars deployed.

OSP troopers from the Salem Area Command office are continuing the investigation.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Dallas Fire Department and ODOT assisted at the scene.

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6 Responses to Neglient Driver Hispanic Illegal? Male kills American in Dalles Oregon

  1. Jasmine says:

    Dominic Fagundes is NOT an illegal Hispanic. He was born in the USA as were his parents. His parents raised beef cattle for many, many years in Grand Ronde and they still own the land. Please check your sources before you add to a family’s tragedy.

  2. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    jasmine – dont blame me for assuming the driver was an illegal mexican, he killed a man with his crappy driving and that is very mexican.
    dont blame me because the media hides immigration status so that americans wont know what the cost of the invasion is real americans.
    I dont know if you are telling the truth either, because a lot of migrant workers just hung around and became” legal simply” because no one checked their status or deported them’.
    why dont you google crime victims of illegal aliens on u-tube or look at the amount of crime mexicans are committing.
    quit protecting the criminals.,

  3. Scott Negstad says:

    STINKING WET BACK SOBS, they all should be rounded up and sent back to south of the border where they belong. I have worked with them many times in the past & I am getting fed up with having to deal with them , when I have to work with them, most of the time they don’t even understand what I am talking about, I have been put in charge of them in the past, I explained to them the best I could what there job was, after they finished the job that they were assigned, I checked it to find that everything was done upside down, I told the boss I I was blamed for not explaining it to them better, plus I had to do all the work that they screwed up which set me back on my work by 3 hours, I think that if they can’t speak english then they shouldn’t be living in the U.S. & most definately shouldn’t be working here, IF THEY WANT TO MOVE TO AMERICA ” THAN THE WALKING PIECES OF SHIT ” should start learning to be just that, { AMERICANS }

  4. Jasmine says:

    How would you like to live in a county where the “buffoons masquerading as law enforcement protect a sociopath mexican who has been stalking me for 6 YEARS. He’s done 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of damage to the inside & ouside of my home, the landscaping, my farm buildings, the land and abused my animals. He’s even injured me. That worthless sheriff’s dept went after ME, a law abiding, hard working, honest woman who was born in the U.S. I detest that sheriffs dept but I absolutely detest mexicans legal or not.

  5. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    another family friend wrote in to yell at me for even daring to mention the word mexican. how dare I! millions of mexicans marched in our streets demanding amnesty and waving the mexican flag but thats okay?
    so this susan farrar should consider that the driver could be charged with manslaughter. it is a crime to drive badly and kill people/
    also the wife of the murderous driver wrote in to tell me that she was mexicans and then she laughed about or rather jeered so I know what kind of mexi trash I am dealing with.

  6. Michelle Ray says:

    Polk County Oregon DA’s office is a complete JOKE!!! They let Murders like baby killer Stephen Salazar and repeat DUI/murderer DOMENIC FAGUNDES off with the chance of freedom in 3 years. But my brother David McGowan a minor is being charged with 15 years worth of crimes resulting from self defense where the so called v…ictim was not severly hurt….EXPLAIN THAT TO ME DALLAS – you suck!!!See More

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