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Example of how the media hides the invasion of criminal illegal aliens

this is what the mexican illegals are costing us: http://immigrationcounters.com/ http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.wordpress.com/2009/01/26/to-lucy-cat-who-hates-my-blog-about-the-invasion/ following is how the media evades the issue of the cost of illegal aliens in the United States . Unless you read between the lines you would think the … Continue reading

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Guadalupe Enriquez Suspected drunk Mexican male illegal alien driver crashes near Redmond Oregon

  Guadalupe Enriquez Suspected drunk Mexican male illegal alien driver crashes near Redmond Oregon and costs taxpayers more money for medical treatment .  http://immigrationcounters.com/ find out how much the mexicans are costing us- by the way just one trip to OHSU … Continue reading

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Oregon: two Illegal Drunk Mexican Wetbacks elude arrest $$ three agency cop chase

http://www.immigrationcounters.com/  AFTER ALL THIS THEY DO NOT CONTACT ICE FOR DEPORTATION? SO THESE ARE THE HARDWORKING MEXICANS THAT SAVE US SO MUCH MONEY? Drunk Wetback mexican  Arrested Following Two Attempts to Elude State, County and City Police in Springfield Area … Continue reading

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Israel Homeland of Red-Haired Neanderthals

I acknowledge the right for Red Haired Neanderthals to exist as a nation-state in their homeland of Israel. perhaps the Pharaohs were descended from Neanderthals? Though once thought to have been our ancestors, the Neanderthals are now considered by many … Continue reading

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