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Generic Mexican Crashes truck into MVP autos in Oregon and flees

Generic Mexican Crashes truck into MVP autos in Oregon and flees what was that about amnesty for 38 million illegal aliens Obama? Truck driven by Generic Mexican ( hispanic( crashes into Mvp Auto sales Oregon. Mexicans flee crime scene) Clackamas … Continue reading

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Luis Gallo-Camacho illegal mexican in Coos bay oregon attempted murder by stabbing of americans

Mexican Shacked up with American Woman stabs four people In Coos bay Oregon( our new Gresham?) OFIR members and supporters:This is the fifth e-mail alert in four days reporting on crimes committed by suspected illegal aliens in Oregon. The reports … Continue reading

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Amazing! H1-B Visa workers ( Job Theives) have a 20 percent fraud rate!

please go to http://www.numbersusa.com and find out what you can do to stop foreign nationals from India and china etc from taking all our high tech jobs. following link : right now Oregon Government is planning a job workshop for … Continue reading

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