Luis Gallo-Camacho illegal mexican in Coos bay oregon attempted murder by stabbing of americans

Mexican Shacked up with American Woman stabs four people In Coos bay Oregon( our new Gresham?)
OFIR members and supporters:This is the fifth e-mail alert in four days reporting on crimes committed by suspected illegal aliens in Oregon. The reports cover a time frame from November 22nd up to December 1st. All of the reports are on individuals with ICE holds.Keep in mind that it often takes police many days and in some cases weeks, to determine if the arrested individual is illegally in the U.S. In addition if the suspect is either is killed in an accident or in the commission of a crime, there is no ICE hold put on him.—————————————————————————————————————–DATE FINALcell RECEIVED LOC HLD REL.INMATE # CUSTODY SENTENCED SENT STAT STAT DATE————————– —- ——– ———- —- —- ——GALLO-MORADO,FILIBERTO NMN E201 HIGH 11/29/2008 PF INS========================== ==== ======== ========== ==== ==== ======Count: 1

Obviously we are reporting on only the arrests that we are aware of. We suspect there are others that go unreported. The 5 arrests took place in Polk County, Washington County, Jackson County and Coos County.————————————————————————————————-
Police arrest Mexican stabbing suspect

By Alexander Rich, Staff WriterMonday, December 01
, 2008
North Bend officers arrested a Coos Bay man Saturday on charges including attempted murder and first-degree assault following a stabbing that sent two people to the hospital.Police received a 911 call, at about 2:30 a.m. that morning, reporting an assault at 2090 Virginia Ave. They found three people suffering from stab wounds, apparently from a kitchen knife. Medics took Luis Gallo-Camacho, 24, of North Bend and Shawna Loew, 22, of Coos Bay to the hospital, according to a press release.Officer Jon Bohanan said Gallo-Camacho had a chest wound, while Loew had wounds in her right arm and head. The third victim, Jessica Hamm, 22, of North Bend, refused medical treatment, said Bohanan.According to a hospital spokeswoman, Gallo-Camacho was treated and left, and Loew was treated and released. She said the hospital has no record of seeing Hamm.The suspect fled the scene, police said, and attempts to locate him were initially unsuccessful.Acting on a tip, North Bend and Coos Bay police responded to
145 N. Wall St., at about 6:38 p.m. They arrested Filiberto Gallo-Morado, 24, without incident. Bohanan said Gallo-Morado and Loew live together and have a child.They arrested him and charged him with two counts of attempted murder, first-degree domestic assault, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, three counts of unlawful use of a weapon, three counts of reckless endangering, domestic menacing, two counts of menacing, three counts of harassment and second-degree disorderly conduct. He was taken to Coos County jail, where he was being held on $2.63 million bail.He also has an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold, a jail spokesman said.
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