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Chinese are really a branch of Negroid or why I dread the invasion of swarthies

 above is the chinese immigrant who beheaded and ate a white male in Canada. another story the media buried. all immigrants are good.the top picture is a rapist immigrant who lived in the same building I did , but about … Continue reading

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H-1b worker worried about how to stay in US after losing job

how to stay in usa after i loose h1 visa above is one of the google searchs  that brought this h1-b worker to my site. answer you  dont .you are supposed to leave in 30 days. suck it up and go home … Continue reading

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Obama's Aunt and other illegals get public housing instead of Legal Americans

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Illegal immigrants such as obama’s Aunt get public housing instead of US citizens How quickly did obama’s auntie diappear from the unbiased Media? Now read on about how legal americans wait years for public housing and … Continue reading

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