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Yahoo CEO , Jerry Yang,an immigrant Chinese ,screws over Chinese Dissident

Yahoo CEO , Jerry Yang,immigrant Chinese screws over Chinese Dissident in China So Jerry Yang, chinese immigrant betrays another Chinese rebel which leads to imprisonment and Jerry Yang, thinks this is the right thing to do. I think this shows how immigrants … Continue reading

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Numbers Usa Frees Wrongly convicted Border Agents: Ramos and Compean

Bush Commutes Sentences for Ramos and Compean http://www.numbersusa.com needs donations to stop amnestyMore than 100,000 members used the NumbersUSA faxing system in the last week to send a fax to the White House in an effort to free Ramos and … Continue reading

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San Francisco gives ID cards to illegal aliens

SF gives ID card to illegals; government subsidizes participating merchants Lets see San Francisco is the city where last spring, an illegal alien murdered two legal citizens over road rage.  This is a great move, and I think the legal … Continue reading

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Obama's $150 $ million inauguration Free watermelon for white folks

obamas inauguration- free watermelon for white folks ((((((( late breaking news, Eric Schmidt president of Google is part of Obama’s transition team and Eric bans blogs critical of Obama and also is for increasing h-1b workers which is job theft … Continue reading

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