San Francisco gives ID cards to illegal aliens

SF gives ID card to illegals; government subsidizes participating merchants

Lets see San Francisco is the city where last spring, an illegal alien murdered two legal citizens over road rage.  This is a great move, and I think the legal residents should love  all the horny short ugly male illegals prowling the streets .


Sunday, January 18, 2009

SF gives ID card to illegals; government subsidizes participating merchants

Hundreds wait for hours to buy S.F. ID card

WOW! The SF Gov website is offering free advertising to merchants who give discounts to cardholders! In other words, illegal aliens pay less for goods and services than you, because you’re dumb enough to be a citizen. Sucka!

SF City ID Card – Business Participation

The City is encouraging local businesses to voluntarily participate in the City ID Card initiative by providing discounts and benefits to cardholders. Participating businesses can gain visibility and increase their customer base.

Here are some of the ways the SF City ID Card can help your business:

Participating businesses that submit the Business Participation Form will be listed on the City’s official website. The City may also, in its sole discretion, list participating businesses in additional marketing materials.
A list of participating businesses will be distributed to new card holders when they visit the County Clerk ’s Office. Businesses that sign up by December 22, 2008, will be included in the list. Businesses that sign up after the date will be listed on the City’s website only. The City’s website address will be included on distributed materials.
Participating businesses that submit the attached Business Participation Form will receive a window sign that informs customers of their participation.
The card can help businesses streamline their hiring process because employers can use the SF City ID Card as a List B document for verifying identity for a new employee’s Employment Eligibility Verification form (also known as an I-9 form).

SFGate: Hundreds of people stood in line for hours at San Francisco City Hall on Thursday to be among the first in the nation to receive municipal identification cards regardless of their immigration status.

… San Francisco officials and recipients of the cards hailed the new program as a way to connect undocumented immigrants with banks, businesses and city services, such as obtaining health care and checking out library books. They also said it will encourage card holders to report crimes to the police without fear of being arrested or deported. [But they’re the very people who commit most of the crimes–ed.]

“I really need the identification card,” said Marvin Martinez, 50, who arrived in the city five months ago from Florida and is originally from Mexico. Martinez, who didn’t say whether he was a legal resident, stood in a long line – one made up mostly of Latino men – that snaked down the marble hallway outside the county clerk’s office.

“I’ll use it to look for jobs and for school and when the police stop me, I’ll have ID to show them,” he said. “It’ll improve things.”

The clerk’s office expected to create 30 cards on the first day of the program, and signed up hundreds of people for appointments in the coming days. The clerk’s office eventually will hand out about 50 cards per day.

People must show proof of identity like a driver’s license or foreign passport, as well as proof of residency such as a utility bill or proof of having a child enrolled in the city’s public schools.

…After an unrelated event to announce the expansion of a free Wi-Fi program for public housing residents, Newsom said he had been meeting with his budget director during the identification card event. He said he’s not worried about how the program will affect his run for governor.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute of Washington sued to block the cards on behalf of four San Francisco residents who said the program would aid illegal immigration. San Francisco Superior Court Judge Peter Busch tossed the suit in October.City Administrator Ed Lee said the machinery to produce the cards cost $700,000 and staffing will cost $150,000 annually.

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