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Mexican male – hardworking illegal Steals cars in West Linn OR

Mexican male – hardworking illegal Steals cars in West Linn ORStolen vehicle involved in Elude and roll over crash Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 01/20/09 On 1-20-09, at just past 2:30 am, Marion County Deputy Bob Arnsmeier observed a stolen … Continue reading

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Shawna Forde

 http://www.americanpatrol.com/SPENCER-GLENN/ALIPAC-ATTACK-ABP/090704-Ltr-LL_.html  following you will find the July 5th email to Gheen which he deserves and I hope he learns to shut his mouth. More on the ALIPAC attack on Spencer and American Border Patrol July 5, 2009 In the ongoing … Continue reading

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Deputy & Nero his Dog Chase White Blazer

Deputy & Nero his Dog Chase White Blazer    mostly likely a drunk mexican.Was this written by a  Indian National? most hilarious police report yet! The police chased a  truck for miles , yet only know that a male was … Continue reading

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