Shawna Forde 

following you will find the July 5th email to Gheen which he deserves and I hope he learns to shut his mouth.

More on the ALIPAC attack on Spencer and American Border Patrol

July 5, 2009

In the ongoing saga over the attack by Wm Gheen of ALIPAC on Glenn Spencer, the American Patrol report is posting e-mails that were sent to Gheen and CC’d to us. Unless the author specifically requests it, only the initials of the sender are used.

The following was sent to Gheen by a retired lawyer now living in Florida.


I have been following your coverage of the Forde incident which has now morphed into a vendetta against American Border Patrol and Glenn Spencer.

While arguably presenting the basic facts, you have taken the those basic facts and added conjecture ( FYI, you better read Webster’s definition of the word ) to create a falsehood through an ongoing effort to impugn the character of Mr. Spencer by suggesting that he is in some way involved in criminal activity.


Your posts, in my opinion, have crossed the line from incompetent dribble and rumor mongering, to actionable libel.


I have advised Mr. Spencer to retain competent Legal counsel for the purpose of filing suit in the appropriate Court, and Jurisdiction, seeking a restraining order and a claim for damages. If, or when, he does, I believe that the utilization of complete and sifting discovery may result in a finding of evidence sufficient enough to add a defendant(s) and the additional claim of Slander.


You should seek competent legal advice on this matter before continuing in you current course of conduct. Additionally, you may consider posting a clarification, or better yet, a retraction of you libelous and sophomoric essays.


As it is oft said, you have been warned; govern your future actions accordingly.






please click on above link from American Patrol. It is the best of all the articles . I would love to see the media take seriously every rape and murder and id theft crime by illegal aliens as they have pounced on the Shawn Forde story. By the way. that is the reason for my blog, to break through the media silence and show regular Americans what the invasion is all about.

Update: from Alipac  apparently Swat teams have raided the offices of  American Patrol. Alipac or William Gheen is advising everyone to distance themselves from Shawna Forde. So here is my story on the whole thing. I read about the claim of rape violence by MS-13  gangs and SF in January. I posted the link here and yes I believed her story , having no previous knowledge of her or her past. I was unable to find any clear information from the media until it broke that she was arrested for murder.I admit I should have been more skeptical, but then I have been threatened with violence by a Honduran with a criminal background and  ignored, so as a woman, I felt it might be true.

 My main annoyance is that SF is deflecting attention from the non-stop rapes and murder and drug dealing by illegal aliens and anchor babies, and that the mainstream media ignores the Mexican Crime wave.

 here is just one illegal alien rapist out of thousands in the United States. Illegal aliens are the problem not Shawna, who is innocent until proven guilty. I cant even keep up with the violent crimes committed not by legal American Born Americans, but by Illegal aliens and immigrants.  get involved to to


We Get E-Mail

William Gheen is an Idiot

By Glenn Spencer — American Border Patrol

June 29, 2009

From ALIPAC Website:

ALIPAC NOTE:  “We warned the nation and all group leaders, including Spencer and Gilchrist, about Shawna Forde many months before these murders.”

SPENCER’S COMMENT: I don’t recall ever hearing anything from ALIPAC about Forde.  I e-mailed him today and asked for proof and got back a form e-mail.

Anyway, I didn’t need a warning from this Gheen, as I had alerted my staff that Forde was trouble nearly a year ago; months before Gheen claims to have warned me about Forde.

But Mr. Gheen could have (and probably did) read all about Forde and I in my “Full Disclosure” piece.

GHEEN:  “It is truly unfortunate that Gilchrist and others continued to offer Shawna support and aid long after all other groups and leaders in the movement did our best to isolate her.   These latest articles show us that Gilchrist and Spencer assisted Shawna Forde after the date of the murders.”

SPENCER’S COMMENT: I assisted Shawna Forde? How? I was sitting in my office and she walked in, uninvited.  I knew nothing of the alleged murders at the time. I let her sit down in another room and send an e-mail, and then she left. That was the only time I had seen her since August of 2008!

GHEEN: “If Jim Gilchrist and Glen (sic) Spencer had listened to the rest of the movement after Shawna Forde and Jim Gilchrist tried to circulate fake rape and beating pictures of Shawna, it would have been clear to Forde that she had no reason to be on Spencer’s property or in regular phone and e-mail contact with Jim Gilchrist (Co-Founder of Minuteman Project). 

“These men continued to associate with Shawna Forde long after it became very clear to the vast majority of leaders in our movement that she was unstable and dangerous.  Gilchrist and Spencer gave assistance to Shawna Forde long after an organized effort of multiple groups such as Save Our State, San Diego Minutemen, and ALIPAC were launched to warn the movement as well as quarantine and isolate Gilchrist and Forde.”

SPENCER’S COMMENT: Shawna Forde had visited ABP’s ranch 3 times; Feb., March and Aug. of 2008.  After the August visit I instructed our people that she was no longer welcome.  That was months before her “rape” problem and the alleged murders. 

After the reports of the so-called rape I reiterated my position that she was unstable and not welcome as a guest on the ranch.

I knew Shawna Forde was a problem long before this guy Gheen said anything, if he ever did, and I made my position clear to everyone here on the ranch.

The idea that I would put the reputation of American Border Patrol at risk by assisting someone that I knew to be unstable is outrageous and slanderous.

Gheen says I “continued to assist her.”  What nonsense!

By making these totally false accusations with no evidence whatsoever to back them up, Mr. Gheen has proven himself to be unprofessional and exploitative of the problems of unfortunate people like Shawna Forde.  He is doing this to make money by tearing his “competitors” down, pure and simple.

There is really only one way to deal with people like Mr. Gheen and it is not to mince words.  To wit: Wm. Gheen is an idiot.

And you can quote me.

Glenn Spencer
American Border Patrol


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3 Responses to Shawna Forde

  1. stoptheinvasionoforegon says: sent me an email saying it was good the immigration activists were shot, raped beaten by mexican gangsters.

  2. Tommy Paine says:

    my reply to Tommy Paine:
    first off the Native Indians are also immigrants. They also murdered killed fought wars created nations and had land boundaries and performed human sacrifice. so Stop being a reverse racist and blaming White People for Everything.
    Second I am not a Christian but it is usually hispanic Christians who write in and wish death on me and then use God to excuse their own violence and crime.
    THird _ Try having a sense of humor. Spay and Neuter your Mexican is an appropriate response to the 4 million anchor babies and overpopulation created by allowing unlimited immigration to the US , all of whom are breeding to beat the band , because we will give them money for it!
    Tommy Paine wrote
    Excuse me, but if you are of white European ancestry, YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE OREGONIAN. You may be a descendant of some murdering, land-grabbing invader. Now you complain when some other group wants to move in???????

    “Spay or neuter your help?!?” Hitler would love that! And you probably consider yourselves to be Christian. It’s amazing how “certain types” of Christians can hate everyone outside their own little group and advocate genocide and still claim to participate in the love of Jesus

    The incident that supposedly happened to S. Forde actually happened in Arizona, NOT Everett WA. Do you REALLY think that the police in some tiny backwater Arizona town are so pro-immigrant that they will call a Hispanic person a white male??? Get real. THINK for a change.

    Oh, and nice gratuitous severed heads…does this picture make you feel better???? Maybe you should think about what that means. Oh, that’s right–YOU DON’T THINK…you FEAR. And after a while, that’s all you can do.

  3. Umami Shinjukou says: Umami Shinjukou:
    the police are assholes who beat up on the poor . They lie and bully and are on the side of crooks everywhere. Thats just my humble opinion.

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