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Crime Victims of Illegal aliens

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2FvScBRdcQ This video has been removed. Here are other videos about crime victims of illegal aliens  I found a bootleg copy of it on Live leak  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d3a_1190052764    I thought Google had removed it since I have no faith in … Continue reading

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Pacheco wife of mexican criminal thinks crime is okay

Pacheco wife of mexican criminal thinks crime is okay drea.pacheco@yahoo.com Andie Andrea Pacheco wife of criminal mexican( anchor baby?) who robbed a Mexican Restaurant in Tigard Oregon this week. I included her mailing address in the original post. this is … Continue reading

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Mexi-Female Robs Old Woman: Kimberly Alfaro McMinnville :- Check out her sharpie eyebrows

   Mexi-Female Robs Old Woman – Check out her sharpie eyebrows(this is what happens when we have amnesties instead of sending mexicans home. She looks like a first generation migrant worker with her bleached hair and Sharpie eyebrows.Pretty much only … Continue reading

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Update!Mexican Manuel Garibay Arrested for Murder and Drug dealing in Salem

Salem man Another Gang banger wetback Mexican anchor baby or illegal alien arrested for multiple charges, including murder Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 01/23/09 ( Marion Co. District Attorney’s Office – 01/26/09 update – mexican murdered by another mexican! An  … Continue reading

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Mexican Shoot-out over bad drug deal at Hillsboro Max station

Mexican Shoot-out over bad drug deal at Hillsboro Max station a lot of people think Max was built just so the drug dealers could get around better and of course mexican gang members. Nice to see pathway to citizenship mexicans … Continue reading

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