Mexi-Female Robs Old Woman: Kimberly Alfaro McMinnville :- Check out her sharpie eyebrows


 Mexi-Female Robs Old Woman – Check out her sharpie eyebrows(this is what happens when we have amnesties instead of sending mexicans home. She looks like a first generation migrant worker with her bleached hair and Sharpie eyebrows.Pretty much only mexicans- latinas have sharpie eyebrows, although I have seen ghetto females and immigrants adopting the ugly style)

After a 3-month long investigation, including a residential search warrant, McMinnville Officers arrested two McMinnville residents.On Friday January 23rd, 2009 at approximately 9:00 am McMinnville Police arrested 42-year-old Kimberly Alfaro on felony theft and burglary charges. The investigation was conducted after a 91-year-old victim, Isabel McNalley, reported three pieces of jewelry stolen from her bedroom at Osprey Point, an assisted living community, during the month of November 2008. Alfaro was an employee at Osprey Point at the time of the theft and identified as a possible suspect. Detective Elliott was assigned to the case and during his investigation he determined that Kimberly Alfaro had pawned the victim’s jewelry at a Salem pawnshop. Detective Elliott was able to recover two of the three pieces of reported stolen jewelry.

On Wednesday 012108 a search warrant was executed at Alfaro’s residence. Located inside the residence was the third stolen ring and additional stolen property from an unrelated McMinnville theft case. Assisting with the search warrant were law enforcement officers from the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Sate Police.

Arrested in connection with the jewelry theft was:

Kimberly Alfaro, 42 years of age, who resides at 1500 NE 27th St #38 McMinnville, Oregon.

Her charges are:

• One count of Burglary 1 SRA- $20,000
• One count of Theft 1 SRA- $5,000

Also arrested on charges from an unrelated theft case was her boyfriend:

Reginald West, 45 years of age, who resides at 1500 NE 27th St #38 McMinnville, Oregon

His charges are:

• One count of Criminal Possession of Rented or Leased Property 1 SRA – $5,000

Ms. Alfaro will be arraigned on January 26, 2009 at 1:15 PM in Yamhill County Circuit Court.
Mr. West was arraigned on January 22nd, 2009.

If anyone has information regarding thefts from Osprey Point, or you believe you are a victim, or have a family member who is a victim of theft from Osprey Point, you are encouraged to contact Detective Sam Elliott at 503-435-5615. 

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