Pacheco wife of mexican criminal thinks crime is okay

Pacheco wife of mexican criminal thinks crime is okay
Andie Andrea Pacheco
wife of criminal mexican( anchor baby?) who robbed a Mexican Restaurant in Tigard Oregon this week.

I included her mailing address in the original post.
this is hilarious, according to Andrea, Americans are supposed to be thankful that illegal aliens are coming here only to rob us? You can see the skewed thinking of this wife of a criminal mexican, who may be technically legal but who should be deported for his criminal behavior… so many mexican anchor babies are a huge drain on the US) As to sex offenders, I have posted numerous articles on Mexican sex offenders and will post more. My point is Oregon is being invaded by illegal foreign nationalists who have no respect for any laws and who should self-deport themselves now.
(I include ID theft and Job theft and Land theft as criminal acts by illegal aliens)
“”””Well since Pacheco is my Husband, I do have to come to his defense he was born and raised in the United States of America. You should feel honored that other countries flee here to enjoy the things us Americans take for granted. His actions and behaviors are under investigation so I am not able to comment much. Our economy is in damn near depression and you are worried about some damn Mexicans taking from theire own race, I could see if it was a McDonald’s were you could be upset! Seriously we have an African American running this damn country get over it!
Since you have so much time slandering people why don’t you slander those filthy sex offeneders and be thankful that those mexican were just trying to get $$$…Use your time wisely go caught real abd ppl.
Either way PRAY that’s the only thing that gets you anywhere!


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