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UPDATE! Now Dead, Killer was an illegal alien, Erik Salvadore Ayala kills two females shoots nine in Tom Potter's Sanctuary City Portland Or

By KATU Staff & News Services   If ORS 181.50 had not been our law, State of Oregon Employees could have notified the Federal Immigration authorities in the year 2000 that Erik Ayala was in the country illegally.  He should … Continue reading

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Three Illegal Mexicans Rob Blockbuster Video: Perez and Torres:Home addresses of Illegals included

Three Illegal Mexicans Rob Blockbuster Video: Perez and Torres:Home addresses of Illegals included ( here’s an idea- look up the addresses and let the  owners know they have no business renting to criminals. do this by going  to the  tax  … Continue reading

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To Lucy Cat who hates my blog about the Invasion

” I bet you post this comment because you enjoy playing the abused martyr.’ and with that , Lucy takes her leave but not without several more insults concerning my character, or rather lack of it. This will be my last … Continue reading

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Illegal Mexican with Knife robs Nail Salon in Vanc. wa

LOCAL NAIL SALON ROBBED BY MAN  Illegal Mexican Male WITH KNIFE  Vancouver Police Dept. – 01/25/09 http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.wordpress.com/2009/01/03/illegal-mexican-robs-cash-store-in-vancouver-with-gun-mexicans-turn-to-crime-as-day-labor-jobs-dry-up/ ( above is another mexican robbery from three weeks ago. So  I guess when those landscaping and roofing  jobs dry up mexican dont … Continue reading

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