Illegal Mexican with Knife robs Nail Salon in Vanc. wa

Vancouver Police Dept.


( above is another mexican robbery from three weeks ago. So  I guess when those landscaping and roofing  jobs dry up mexican dont self deport themselves, they just start robbing , which is more honest because it’s what theyve been doing all along0

On 1/25/09 at approximately 5pm the Oscar’s Nail Salon located at 5000 E 4th Plain was robbed by a man with a knife. The suspect entered the business holding a 8-10 inch bladed knife in his right hand. The suspect approached the store owner demanded a key to the drawer of the cash register. The suspect told the victim if he did not cooperate he would stab him. The victim told the suspect the register is unlocked. The suspect went behind the counter and took approximately $125 out of the cash register. The suspect then left the business on foot West bound. There were no customers in the building at the time as the business was about to close. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 5’7″ 180 pounds with brown eyes. He had on a black baseball hat but he appeared to have a shaved head. He was wearing tan pants and a black leather jacket. He had a black bandanna over his face as well. The victim believes he saw a gun in the suspects pocket but it was not implied or used in the robbery.

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