Illegal Mexican arrested for Rape in Redmond Oregon FRANCISCO JAVIER PANIAGUA GARCIA,

 This makes four women in Oregon whose lives have either been taken or violated by just two mexican/hispanics.the wife of a mexican criminal told me to post more stories about sex offenders. This one is for you , Andrea P, is trying to stop the invasion and save the US,-Pls get involved your faxes are needed.


Following a one month investigation, Oregon State Police (OSP) detectives arrested a Redmond-area man Monday on rape and sex abuse charges. Two victims were identified during the investigation and investigators are interested in learning any new information that may help in these cases.On January 26, 2009, OSP detectives arrested FRANCISCO JAVIER PANIAGUA GARCIA, age 22, from Redmond  mexico but immigration status is witheld from the public  and lodged him in the Deschutes County Jail on the following charges:

* Rape in the First Degree
* Sex Abuse in the First Degree (2 counts)
* Attempted Rape in the First Degree
* Sex Abuse in the Second Degree

The arrest following an investigation by OSP detectives from the Bend Area Command office into allegations that in December 2008 a 16-year old female victim went to the suspect’s Redmond residence for a party with friends. While at the residence, the victim allegedly was provided alcohol and at some point forcibly compelled the victim to have sexual intercourse with the suspect.

During the investigation, detectives learned of a second unrelated incident alleging the attempted rape of a 21-year old female.

Anyone with additional information that may help with these investigations is asked to contact OSP Detective Tom Kipp at (541) 388-6213 ext. 211.

Photograph Source: Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

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