Illegal Mexican Roberto Pinon-Solis Mexican Robs Arco in Beaverton with Fake Gun

Mexican Robs Arco in Beaverton with Fake Gun Suspect Only Gets One Beer in Robbery
Beaverton Police Dept.

 – 01/26/09  Times are hard for illegal mexi-trash and so they rob and steal and shoot people.Once again no mention of ICE Hold or his nationality. Until posting Immigration status is routine, I will assume all these “latinos” are illegal or they are gangbanger anchor babies from LA.I fully expect one his Nice American Employers to comment on how nice he is and how well he cuts the grass.


On January 27, 2009 at 4:44 pm the Beaverton Police Department received a call of a robbery that had just occurred at AM/PM (Arco) 14555 SW Tualatin Valley Highway (SR8), Beaverton. It was explained that a subject had gone into the convenience store and demanded money, but ended up leaving with only a beer.The victim told police 42 year old Roberto Pinon-Solis, of Forest Grove, walked into the AM/PM and was going to purchase a beer. Instead he told the clerk he was waiting for a friend and stood back from the register.

After the other customers had left Pinon-Solis went back up to the clerk at the register, pulled up his shirt to display a black handgun, and told the clerk to put the money in the bag with the beer. The clerk refused and yelled that he was trying to rob them.
Pinon-Solis grabbed the beer and left the store, driving away towards Hillsboro.

Another employee called police and gave the description and partial plate on the suspect’s car. This quick action lead to the suspect being stopped on SW Tualatin Valley Highway near SW 170th and subsequently taken into custody without incident.

Inside the Pinon-Solis’ car police recovered the gun and stolen beer. It was discovered that the weapon used was in actuality a replica of a black Beretta handgun. It was also learned that Pinon-Solis had taken the 1997 Dodge Stratus without permission from a family member.

Pinon-Solis was lodged at the Washington County Jail on the charges of Robbery in the Second Degree and Theft III. A possible additional charge of Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle is pending out of the Forest Grove Police Department.

a search on white pages turned up that Roberto is an illegal from Arizona where he most likely jumped the fence that does not exist.

By the way, you can find out a lot using the white pages online.

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