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Use The White Pages to find out how huge the Mexican invasion is in Oregon alvarado

I entered one mexican name and came up with a nest of them.  Yeah like it’s not an invasion Campos Alvarado Campos Graciela Alvarado Gracieal Alvarado Graciela Alvarado Graciela A Alvarado Graciela Alvarado Alvarado Graciela Campos Alvarado Graciella Alvarado Graciela … Continue reading

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LUIS MIGUEL ALARCON-ABARCA, Truck Load of Illegal Mexicans Hit near Salem two illegal mexicans dead

Truck Load of Mexicans Hit near Salem two illegal mexicans dead. ( The mexicans refused medical transport ,knowing they were illegal,( thats one way to deport them why did the pickup have six adults in it?) Update – Double Fatal … Continue reading

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Stop Birthright Citizenship- No More Anchor Babies: Breeders go home

Anchor Babies: illegal immigration via the birth canal     By JOHN REINIERS Special to Hernando Today Published: January 25, 2008   About every six months the population of the U.S. increases about as much as the population of Tallahassee. … Continue reading

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