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Police log:One week of crime by illegal Mexicans in Woodburn oregon

   Woodburn Oregon- Mexican Capital of Oregon – see how many crimes mexicans commit in one week This really takes the Cake- The Oregonian is always doing nice reports about how great Mexican Woodburn is. Read this police log for … Continue reading

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Alvario Honorio Solano-Cortez another Drug dealing Illegal Mexi-trash sentenced in Oregon

News Update: Alvario Honorio Solano-Cortez Pleas Guilty  in Hillsboro drugs/weapons case so what is his immigration status? Is it too much to ask what we already know , which is Oregon did not have a huge population of of mexicans 15 … Continue reading

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Look ICE Look! See Cruz Illegals! See ICE Run See ICE Deport!

amazing. just go to the white pages and enter any hispanic name and you can see the invasion unfold, not only that you can see where they came from. There are over 4 million anchor babies in the united states … Continue reading

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Mexican Criminals arrested in just 24 hours at Multnomah County

Multnomah County- 24 hour look how many hispanic mexican criminals were arrested look how many mexican/ hispanic/ latinos crimnals were arrested in a 24 hour period in Multnomah county, where Tom Potter says ICE is not allowed to make arrests … Continue reading

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Release date: march 1, 2009 Mexican arrested for Sodomy, Matrinez, Luis A ,

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Public Access to Inmate Data   Booking Information           SWIS ID: 652419 Name: Matrinez, Luis A Age: 39 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Height: 5 ft 9 in Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Brown … Continue reading

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