UPDATE! Mexican illegal arrested 2-16-2009-Girl of three Raped by Mexican Illegal Migrant Male in Newberg Oregon Neptali Sanchez-Gonzales,


Another fucking spic!



NEWBERG, Ore. (AP) – The authorities arrested a Newberg man accused of raping his landlady’s anohter illegal alien female with an anchor baby renting out a room 3-year-old girl.


 newberg was nice until the mexicans came
Girl of three Raped by Mexican Illegal Migrant Male in Newberg Oregon Neptali Sanchez-Gonzales

Newberg-Dundee Police request help in locating sexual assault suspect
Newberg-Dundee Police Dept. – 02/03/09

Tom Potter’s Legacy: rape and murder of females . If this perp generic  Mexican had been border-hoppers-with-job-desciot4

sent back by ICE when he was stopped for all of his drunk mexican car crashes, this would not have happened. Of course, the girl is probably an anchor baby,because who else would let a mexican male live with them but a dumb cow of a mexican female. Also if the little girl knew it was wrong , then it was rape. Words like molested are miminizing words that dismiss the abuse.

get involved go to www.numbersusa.com and help send the drunk rapists home. Newberg-Dundee Police make arrest in rape case involving child.
Newberg-Dundee Police Dept. – 02/16/09




Since February 3, Newberg-Dundee Police have been working to locate and arrest a suspect allegedly involved in the rape of a three-year old girl. After several attempts in locating Neftali Sanchez-Gonzales, 19, officers acted on a citizen tip late Monday afternoon and found him in a house in south Newberg. 

Newberg-Dundee Police is asking the public’s help in finding a Newberg man,  Illegal alien Mexican Male farm worker with hot red car-suspected in a sexual assault of a three-year old girl.Neptali Sanchez-Gonzales, 19, was last seen in the Newberg area Sunday evening. He reportedly ran from the victim’s residence when the child reported an incident to her mother.Sanchez-Gonzales may be driving a red 1990 Ford Thunderbird, Oregon license, 061BLT. The car reportedly has extensive front damage from crashes over several months’ time. Sanchez-Gonzales apparently has no local known contacts or friends, according to investigators.The 19-year old Sanchez-Gonzales is about 5’7″ in height, and about 150 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. There are no known photographs of him. He has worked locally on farms and in the agricultural industry. He has no other known skills.Sanchez-Gonzales has been in the Newberg only a few months, has very little police contacts during this time. He reportedly had been subletting a room from the victim’s mother for a few weeks.
Investigators believe the girl is the only victim and there are likely no other victims. Anyone with information is asked to call Newberg-Dundee Police, (503) 538-8321.A likeness of the Thunderbird Sanchez-Gonzales was last seen driving is attached.Refer:
Sgt. Tim Weaver
(503) 538-8321 Dispatch
(503 273-7040 Pager


Officers converged around the house in the 900 block of S. Pacific, Newberg. No one would answer the officers’ door knocks, although they did believe at least one person was inside. Officers waited for about a half hour and were given access after a resident arrived home. Sanchez-Gonzales was hiding in a room, and after a brief struggle, was arrested.

Officers found Sanchez-Gonzales’ red 1990 Thunderbird abandoned in a nearby neighborhood several days ago. The now-impounded car, along with several citizen calls regarding Sanchez-Gonzales’ whereabouts kept officers searching for him over the last two weeks. Officers believed he may have traveled to the Portland or Salem areas, or surmised he had left the area altogether. Reported sightings and information to police kept coming in, and officers kept looking.

Sanchez-Gonzales was lodged at the Yamhill County Corrections Facility, McMinnville, on $300,000 bail. He will be arraigned within the next two or three days in Yamhill County Circuit court. The case has been referred to the Yamhill County District Attorney’s Office. The case is still under investigation and additional charges may be filed.

The investigators believe the three-year old girl is the only victim. Sanchez-Gonzales was suspected after the girl reported the incident to her mother. He was reportedly renting a room from the mother when the alleged abuse occurred.

A booking photo is not yet available. One may be ready by Tuesday morning.

Sgt. Tim Weaver
503 538-8321 Dispatch
503 273-7040 Pager

 look up his last name in the white pages.



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3 Responses to UPDATE! Mexican illegal arrested 2-16-2009-Girl of three Raped by Mexican Illegal Migrant Male in Newberg Oregon Neptali Sanchez-Gonzales,

  1. Marie says:

    Thank god they arrested this animal. He deserves to go to jail then be deported.

  2. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    Rod – you are showing how little you have thought out this matter. Of course , the Mexican rapist was living with another Mexican illegal female, because that is how they do things. Mexican Families bring in other mexican males to help with the rent. So my statement was not racist. The house he was found at was a mexican crash house. As to putting him in jail. have you thought about how much it costs Americans to pay for housing mexican criminals? have you considered that the wine growers in Yamhill county lobby to bring in more mexicans like him so they can get cheap labor and when there is violence or drunk driving etc, Americans pay for it not the wine grower. Boycott Oregon wine.

    roly1818@yahoo.com Submitted on 2009/03/01 at 9:09pm
    I hope this guy goes to jail for life, I actually think that he should be beat up in jail every single day that he is in there. I do no think that he should be use as a stereotype for all Mexicans. This website is obviously racist, look at this comment
    “The girl is probably an anchor baby, because who else would let a Mexican male live with them but a dumb cow of a Mexican female”
    Things like this create a tense tension and hate from both sides

  3. c says:

    Why waste tax dollars with jailing him? As a minimum deport him after having him branded as a molester. Even cheaper shoot him.

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