Oregon Senators Wyden & Merkley Voted to give 300,000 jobs to illegals & no everify (numbersusa.com today call now )




Senator Merkley’s Local phone number is 503 3263386

Wyden Merkely Voting to give 300,000 jobs to illegals & no everify (numbersusa.com today call now )

Reid the same bastard who tries to pass amnesty every year has removed e-verify from the bill but kept the clause to allow construction companies to hire foreign nationals instead of Oregonians or Legal Americans. and they are in session today and voting . you need to call go to numbersusa.com and send a free fax – they need to hear from you. the new senator merkley was for giving drunk mexicans oregon drivers license’s.


our new senator merkley- was against stopping Illegal aliens from having drivers licenses in Oregon, so every car accident caused by an Illegal alien is his legacy.



STUDY: current Senate Stimulus bill would give 300,000 construction jobs to illegal aliens (UNLESS E-VERIFY ADDED)

Sen. Ron Wyden
SH-516, United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Your support for the stimulus package absolutely disgusts me. I find it appalling that the so-called “compromise” stimulus package does not require the use of E-Verify. I hope you realize that your actions will prevent hundreds of thousands of Americans from finding a job.

It is likely that this stimulus package will create millions of jobs. Unfortunately, a large portion of these jobs will go to illegal workers. This travesty could have been prevented, but you refused to support a fellow Senator’s right to have a floor vote on his amendment. Sen. Sessions’ SA 239 would have required localities or businesses that receive stimulus funds to use the E-Verify employment verification system. This would have prevented illegal aliens from benefiting from this taxpayer funded stimulus package.

Your support for this “compromise” stimulus package is positively disgraceful. I am positive that you are aware of Sen. Sessions’ amendment, but you have chosen to actively oppose it. In doing so, you have seriously harmed the millions of Americans who are unemployed.
once again Oregon senators betray Americans.

An American for sovereignty,

P.S. I cant believe you would give 300,000 jobs to mexican illegals and let Oregonians lose their homes and jobs. we are in the top five states for unemployment and mexicans have our jobs support everify!



ROy BECK Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 3:51 PM

Famed analyst Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation has just released an estimate that the stimulus bill on the Senate floor would provide construction jobs to roughly 300,000 illegal aliens.

A Heritage Foundation release states that the travesty could be largely avoided if the Senate would adopt an amendment similar to one that passed the House requiring all recipients of stimulus money to use the E-Verify system.  

Sounds crazy but that is just business as usual.

  • While hundreds of thousands of American construction workers are unemployed, businesses across America continue to employ illegal aliens and will be allowed to use Stimulus money to hire hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens.

  • The Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are lobbying the Senate to ensure that businesses can use Stimulus money to hire illegal aliens. 

  • Nearly every national Hispanic advocacy group is lobbying the Senate to ensure that illegal aliens have the same access to Stimulus jobs as unemployed Hispanic American citizens.

It’s a crazy world. Will the Senate endorse insanity or pass an E-Verify amendment? 

I can guarantee you that the Senate will choose insanity and the outlaw businesses that hire illegal aliens instead of unemployed Americans — unless you contact your Senators and let them know that you know they have a choice.

Sen Jeff Sessions of Alabama now seems resolute  in trying to force a vote on an amendment that would require local governments and businesses getting stimulus money to use E verify to ensure that the jobs go to U.S. citizens and to authorized immigrants already here.

www.numbersusa.com  find out how to take easy actions to keep these construction jobs in the hands of American workers. 

Tell them about the ad  that is running every day on national cable TV.


The key points of Rector’s analysis are these:

No. 1: If enacted, the Senate stimulus bill would fund over $100 billion in new government construction projects with the goal of providing additional jobs to unemployed Americans.

No. 2: Government estimates show that under current verification procedures, about one out of every seven persons hired to work in construction is an illegal alien.

No. 3: The Senate bill would provide roughly $104 billion in funding for a variety of construction projects. Normal government estimates indicate that each $1 billion spent on construction will create around 19,500 construction jobs, each lasting a year. Thus, $104 billion in funding in construction projects would ostensibly create construction-related jobs for about 2.04 million workers over several years.

No. 4: If the stimulus bill does not have additional requirements for verification, the normal ratio of illegal alien hiring will prevail. Applying the one in seven ratio to 2.04 million results in about 300,000 of those jobs going to illegal aliens.

The Heritage release states:

… if the current Senate bill were to become law without language requiring contractor use of E-Verify, the inevitable result would be billions in federal funds spent to employ illegal immigrants.

E-Verify is a very effective mechanism for determining the legal status of potential workers. E-Verify is inexpensive for employers to use, costing between $4 and $20 for each employee screened. E-Verify is in wide use; currently about one in 10 new hires in the U.S. economy are screened through the E-Verify system.

I don’t care how callous your Senator normally  is against American workers, he/she may have a hard time voting against them if you make it clear that a vote against Sen. Sessions’ E-Verify amendment is a vote to use your Stimulus money to hire 300,000 illegal-alien construction workers and to leave 300,000 unemployed Americans still jobless.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO












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  2. Margie says:

    We like your site. Frustrated with this city.

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