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Mexican Male attempts sexual Pick-up of 12 yr old girl in Wyden's / Obama's / Potter's Oregon

 Mexican Male attempts sexual Pick-up of 12 yr old girl in Wyden’s / Obama’s / Potter’s Oregon (when he gets arrested Washington County will list him as a white male and the Oregonian will not do a news story on … Continue reading

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Washington County Jail lists all Mexican Criminals as White Males to hide the Invasion

Washington County Jail  lists all Mexican Criminals as White Males to hide the InvasionFriday, February 6, 2009 http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/washington-county-lists-all-mexican-criminals-as-white-males-to-hide-the-invasion/ Obama’s pathway to citizenship Mexican Criminals In Washington Country Jail Washington County Jail- See how many Mexicans who are listed as White … Continue reading

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Demand that Obama support E-Verify and Deport His Illegal Aunt

 Demand that Obama support E-Verify and Deport His Illegal Aunt ( I wonder how mily Cyrus,Britney Spears,Tea Leoni, The IRS,and Michele Obama feel about Amnesty, Chain immigration, Obama’s Illegal Aunties, and E-verify? Friends of ALIPAC,Special welcome to the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Obama Surounds himself with H-Ib Visa supporters or traitors

Eric Schmidt  Owner of Google is very pro h1-b worker and is obama’s buddy and helped him with his transition. On top of that, Eric banned  google blogs critical of obama,   from alipac, From Rob Sanchez’ newsletter:<<<<< JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER … Continue reading

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